Sunday, December 21, 2008

9 Month Stats

The girls had their 9 month appointment this week. Here are their stats:

Jocelyn: weight- 18 lbs 6 oz 
                28 inches long

Gabbie: weight- 17 lbs 10 oz
                27.5 inches long

This is one of the pictures that we had taken a while back of the girls. I will post some more soon....the pictures are AMAZING!!! (I guess I am a LITTLE bias :)

It's been a while...

Well, it's definitely been a while since my last post. I have had great intentions every day to get on here....but, of course, something crazy would happen and I would have to put it off yet again! 

There have been several things that have taken place in the past 6 weeks. For the sake of time I am just going to list some "bullets". They are in the order in which they occurred:

*Jocelyn got her first two teeth
*Our families came to visit us for Thanksgiving...we had a blast!
*Jocelyn (our adventurous child) started crawling backwards (which is hilarious to watch :) 
*We went to Mobile for a week....we FLEW ON A PLANE with the girls for the first time...there is not enough room on here to give details of that trip :).....we did have a fabulous time while we there seeing friends and family
*Gabbie (our verbal child) has started to say "Dada" all the time
*I looked at the monitor the other day and Jocelyn is sitting up in her crib (for the first time) staring at the monitor 
*The girls had their 9 month appointment (what!?!?!? they can't be 9 months old yet!?!?!)
*We ALL got the HORRIBLE stomach virus. We didn't think we were going to survive...we obviously did..... :)
*Jocelyn started crawling forward 
*The girls talk to each other all the time (in their secret language) and laugh hysterically at each is TOO funny to watch!

That is just a few things that have taken place during my long period of "not blogging". We are heading out tomorrow (at least that is the plan) to visit family for Christmas and go to our New Year's Conference in Atlanta. I am SURE there will be lots of stories from that adventure!