Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Internet PLUS No computer = No Blogging :(

I love blogs. I love reading all my friends' blogs (and people I don't even know) and I love updating ours. Well, two significant things have happened recently to put a major damper on my love of blog-reading/blogging...1. we got rid of our internet (to cut some monthly costs) and 2. my computer died. (I hope that it is just pretending to be dead and that someone that is way smarter than me can bring it back to life.) Thus, no new blog posts. It makes me super sad. You may ask how I am posting THIS post (so, I guess, technically I do have one new post :).....1. I have Shane's laptop (he is not home until late every night and by that time I have no energy to blog...I just want to go to bed) and 2. I am currently picking up one of my neighbor's (not sure who) wireless connection and I am SOOOOO happy about it!! So, while I had the small opportunity I wanted to share my sorrows about this no blogging season of my life. I hope to find time, a laptop that is not in use and random internet connections to be able to do some new posts soon....hopefully :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My New Favorite Song

Tinkle, tinkle widdle i under wat u ah. Up ah dove da wurl so hi...wike ah di-un in da sky. Tinkle, tinkle widdle i under wat u ahhhhhh.
(repeat...over and over and over...)

There has officially been a transformation in Gabbie's "going to sleep" routine. For 21 months, she would cry/scream herself to sleep almost every nap and every night at bedtime. A few weeks ago she stopped crying/screaming and instead sings herself to sleep every nap and every night. Can someone give me a "hallelujah!!"?? Tinkle, Tinkle widdle tar is her fav and has now become my fav as well :) I've heard her humming/singing Jesus Loves Me and the Itsy Bitsy Spider as well so she may start mixing it up at bed-time soon! It is beyond precious to hear her singing. I think she may have gotten her daddy's gift :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Randomness

The girls sporting the hats Aunt Julia and Uncle Lance got them for Christmas. Too cute!

How many stuffed animals/babies must one have?? Obviously a zillion. They love for daddy to help them get their babies ready for nite-nite and help them go to the potty. Shane has lots of experience since he grew up with all boys :)

Journey now sleeps in the laundry room. Jocelyn still sleeps in our closet. We will put our kids anywhere if it helps them sleep. The girls thought it was so fun to play in Journey's bed in her new "room" :)

As I have mentioned before, Gabbie is obsessed with shoes. Her choice for this particular night...Jayden's cool green rain boots...they really completed her outfit :)

On Thursdays, me and two other twin moms from church get together at a park to let the kiddos play and then eat lunch together. Here are all 6 of them at the picnic table. My girls are in the pink. The two in the middle are identical and then the last two look as different as eyes, blond curly hair and brown eyes, brown straight hair. (obviously it was a challenge to get all of them in one picture). It is definitely an adventure when we all get together!


The kiddos ALWAYS want to play with whatever the other ones have or do whatever the other ones are doing. Many times this leads to lovely fights followed by spankings and/or timeouts. However, there are those rare moments when they all do get to do the same thing at the same time....usually when we have several of the same item(s) :)

Above: Group potty training

Below: Group sitting in booster chairs on floor and drawing pictures on doodle pros

Below: Group lunch in booster chairs on floor while Elmo video plays

Below: Attempted Group lounging time on couch with fuzzy blankets while Praise Baby video plays before all going to bed for the night. As one can see, Gabbie wasn't enjoying this group activity :) Random Side note...PRAISE JESUS for 7 pm bedtime for all kiddos in our house. The mamas would not make it otherwise.....

Below: Group puzzle time on swing located on back porch. This was a success for only a few short minutes...but a success non-the-less :)