Friday, July 20, 2012

Brooks turns 1!

Sweet little Brooks is already ONE! Just can't believe it!  

They had the cutest party to celebrate!

And, yes, a crawfish boil!!  I mean, let's be honest....One-year-old parties are totally for the adults not the kids!! :))

But all the kiddos did have themselves a good ol' time!

Trav, the crawfish-cookin' daddy! Man, he looks happy! :)

Aunt Katie and the birthday boy!

The crawfish lovers going to town....

Shane got there late after he got off work, but you know he dove right in when he got there....

Dog-pile on daddy!!

Whew! Glad that's over :)

John making a video for Brooks....

Ashley made these awesome cakes and these cute "corn on the cob" cupcakes! Too cute!

Cake time!!

Big brother trying to cheer him on!!

"mmmmm.....I think I may like this...."

Blake gettin' as close as possible :)

yeppppp....I liked it! :))

Shower for Katie & baby Luke

Obviously baby Luke has already been born back in the beginning of June but here are my "better late than never pics" from Katie's shower :)

Pretty mama and Luke's oldest sister, Emma....

you know we had some fabulous food as always.....

Morgan hosted the shower at her house. It just so happened that 30 minutes before the shower started their AC broke. Yeppp. It really wasn't THAAAAAT bad....atleast for the first little while :)

Of course Morgan was MORTIFIED that her AC wasn't working ..... :)))

Apologizing YET again.... :)

It was a fabulous time....sweat and all ;)  Here is another one of Annie's fun gifts!

The smokin' hot crowd (I totally mean good-lookin', Morgan! :)))

Mandy's Shower

Yet another baby having a baby! ha! :) Mandy and her hubby, Dathan, will be welcoming sweet baby Elijah any day now! Here are some pics at her shower last month....

The mama-to-be!

Look at this cute cake!

Loved the nautical theme as well as everything on this table :)

ADORABLE gift idea from Annie. Got to love Pinterest! :)

Gift table! (or rather gift piano!)

Seems like these are VERY popular decorations these days.....Love it!

Look at this simple flower decor on the vase. Awesome. Those little blue chocolate balls were awesome as well :)

Sara made the awesome cake! So talented!

Mandy & Ariel

Adorable outfits for baby Elijah...

Praying for Mandy, Dathan, and Elijah :)

The wonderful Hostesses!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Our Fort"

Fruit Stand

The girls and I went to the fruit stand and when we got home I brought all the bags in from the car and but them on the kitchen floor so I could put everything up. I went to the potty or something and then came back and began to put the stuff up in the frig, etc. I realized that all the things I had purchased were not there! I was so frustrated. I just assumed I had walked off without a few of the bags of items when I left the store. A few minutes later I walked back to the sunroom and found this.....
Gabbie on the cash register and Jocie checking out with all my "missing" items :)
Don't forget to bag them!!
Gabbie ended with "ok, well you have a nice day ma'am. Thanks for shopping at my fruit stand. Come back soon." Hilarious!