Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July!!

The Pilger's invited us over for a 4th of July party of fishing, food, and fireworks! It started monsooning around 3pm so we were thinking it was not going to be a go-but then right around 6pm it stopped! Just in time for the party! Fun, Fun!!

The girlies were super pumped about fishing!
There were a bunch of cute little boys fishing, too. Gab looks a tad bit stressed in this pic....not really sure why??! Who knows....the chica does stress out about ALOT of things...and often :)
Jocie reeling in her first fish!

Gabbie hooked her first!
She is NOT afraid of anything-esp touching animals, reptiles, whatever....based on how she was when she was younger- I would have NEVER tagged her for being the brave one....but she continually shocks me :)

Love it!
Banks WORKIN.IT.OUT. !!!! Look at that form!!
It was a big one!
How cute is this little guy!??!
the daddy and the girlies were on a roll!

Shelbia Drew was pumped about catching a fish for the first time EVER! Too bad her daddy, Sean, just kept feeding the fish crickets OVER and OVER and OVER again......ha!
Shelbia Drew reeling in.....nothin'.....
She was SO patient! Look at her stance! Love it!
Will this one be the one!?!??
YAY!!!!!!! Daddy FINALLY did it!  This was such a hilarious process! Glad it ended well :)
Jake baited his own hook, cast his line, hooked the fish, and reeled it in...ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Way to go Jake!

No, I did not line them up like this...they were all bundled up around the cooler behind Jake looking at the fish everyone had caught and I yelled, "OK!! Everyone look this way and say CHEESE!!!" and this is what they immediately did! Hilarious!

John shreddin' his butt.... :)

Yummo spread! Minus my baked beans which were on the other counter and thankfully NOT on the floor since I picked them up to move them to the food island and John has sneakingly placed a fake ROACH on the spoon and scared me TO DEATH. Thankfully and miraculously I didn't drop the beans....however, I kind of wish I had so that he had to clean them all up after his horrible stunt!! :)
Cute petifors!
No description needed here. This is who I am and what I do :)
All the kiddos waiting for the fireworks to begin!!
So Cute!!

Ariel hookin' all the kiddos up with glow bracelets!

Sparkler time!!!

Our awesome hosts!

John and Trav gettin' ready to light the fireworks!
Making sure they weren't gonna burn the place down :)

After the fireworks, the kiddos had one more car race (aka FIGHT :) before heading home!

Friday, July 5, 2013

PawPaw's Gator!

PawPaw got a Gator and the grand kiddos are looooovin' it :)

Fishing at PawPaw's!

The girlies had been begging to go fishing at PawPaw's house, so we finally made it over there in June for them to try to catch a fish.....they were SUPER excited!

TRYING to be patient :)

Jocie reeling in her first one!
Big ol' catfish!
Gabbie got her first!

SO excited!

The daddy LOOOOOVES to fish :) Look at that intensity!
Another one!
Gab workin' it!

Whoop Whoop!

A 'baby' fishie :)
They had a blast!