Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 Year Stats!!!

Here are the girls at their 1 year appointment. They were having a good old time oblivious to the fact that very shortly they were going to be stabbed in their leg several times :( Mama doesn't do well with the shots.....

Anyways, here are their 1 year stats:

Jocelyn-Weight: 22 lbs 1 oz (70%!!!!)
Height: 29 1/2 in (70%!!!!)

Gabbie- Weight: 21 lbs 12 oz (65%!!!!)
Height: 30 in (75%!!!!)

WHAT??!?!?! If you had told me that my little tiny babies would be this big at 1 year, I would have thought you were crazy!! I am SOOO very thankful that the Lord has allowed them to grow so well and be so healthly despite being little premies when they were born. I still can't believe that they are a year old!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Pics

Shane and Gabbie

Shane and Jocelyn

Me and Gabbie (Gabbie LOVES her little TOO much sometimes :)

We just got the girls their new carseats. We tried Jocelyn in hers before we put it in the car. She didn't like it too much :)

They like these carseats MUCH more than their other ones and they LOVE facing forward.

The girls playing with Becca and Ruby when they came to visit for the girls' birthday.

Jocelyn thinks she's a big girl :)

Our afternoon ritual...playing on the sidewalk (and eating leaves)

Our sweet blue-eyed girl

And our precious little brown-eyed girl

Jocelyn likes to be on the move...she would crawl on the sidewalk ALL day if I would let her.

Taking a break...

Gabbie getting brave on her walker.

Look at this face!!!!!!

Jocelyn has discovered that this window leads to the outside (which she LOVES to be and gets fighting mad when I make her come back inside). This is her looking out the window after her daddy left for school...she LOVES her daddy...

I thought this pic was so cute...

Gabbie defense mechanism against Jocelyn's tackling is BITING!! not good...

Gabbie grinning :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our girls are ONE!?!???!?!

On Friday, the girls turned ONE YEAR OLD!!! What?!?!? I can't believe it! On one hand, I don't know where this year has gone and on the other hand, this year has felt like 100 years :) We had their 1st Birthday party on Saturday. It was SO much fun! You could definitely tell the girls had polar opposite personalities at the party...Jocelyn wanted to play with everyone and was all over the place...Gabbie liked mommy and daddy...that's all :) The big crowd scene is not her style :) We had some family come, lots of friends from here, and a few surprise visits from some friends from Mobile!!

Here is their cake. The picture turned out way better than I had expected. I asked them not to put roses on it....they did anyway :)

They didn't know what to think of their cakes at first....

YUMMMM....this tastes pretty good....

After a few minutes, Gabbie realized everyone was staring at her....she didn't like that too much :)

Jocelyn LOVED her say the least....

Gabbie calmed down for a few minutes and dug into hers as well....

Jayden sneaking some of Jocelyn's cake while she wasn't looking...

WOW....I'm thirsty!!!

The girls got lots of cute clothes and fun toys along with these cool cars from Gran!

Amy gave me a great idea....take a tablecloth and each year at their party have everyone sign it. What a great keepsake!

Uncle Lance, Uncle Bryan and Shane playing with Jocelyn

Jocelyn and Gran

Shay (along with her kiddos) and Annie drove all the way from Mobile for the girl's birthday! It wa SOOOOO great to see you guys! Thanks so much for coming!

First Night Away

Several weeks ago we had some fabulous friends come down from Georgia and keep the girls so that Shane and I could "get away" for the first time since the girls were born. We drove down to Tampa on Friday and went to dinner and a movie. We spent Saturday screaming our heads off on all the scary roller coasters at Busch Gardens. Shane is TERRIFIED of roller coasters (I LOVE them) but he overcame his fears and rode ALL of them with me (there were several times when he REALLY thought he was having a heart attack....but he miraculously survived!)! We had SO much fun! After Busch Gardens we had dinner with Shane's college roommate and his family and then we headed back home. The girls did amazing while we were gone (of course:) A big THANK YOU to Mama Blu and April for serving us in such a huge way!! Love you guys!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Valentine's Day

When I got back from my the wedding, this was waiting for me on the table for Valentine's Day. It was SO sweet! Despite having a VERY hard and draining weekend taking care of 2 very sick babies, Shane took the time to put this together. It meant so much to me!! As you can see, the girls felt awful in this picture, but they were troopers!(along with their daddy :)