Friday, September 30, 2011

Celebration for Joe

Two Sundays ago, the Moore's hosted a celebration party at their house for Joe. He recently passed his welding exam and got his welding certification. He was super pumped and we all wanted him to know how excited we were for for him!
Katie made Joe his favorite cake...pistachio...I don't hear that very often as somebody's favorite cake...but I must say, it was super yummy.
A bunch of the kids from Trinity Gardens came to church with us so they came over to the Moore's for lunch as well. Katie and Morg were working hard to get the bread buttered before the masses arrived :)
Some of the sweet kiddos....

Roosevelt trying to get baby Noah to stop no avail :)
After lunch we split all the kiddos up between several of our houses for the afternoon because at 4pm we would all be going back up to the church for the Grace on the Grounds picnic. Four precious girls came to our house and had a blast in the playroom....they particularly loved dressing up....
Malaysia, Diamond, and Moo-moo....they were SO funny!
Moo-moo didn't take off the girls' princess heels or the purple tutu the whole 2 hours they were there. :)

Shower for baby Shepard!

Scott & Annie will be welcoming baby Shepard in a couple of months and we can't wait to meet their 4th precious little kiddo. We celebrated with Annie last weekend with a shower for Shepard. Shower food ranks up their with some of my favorite and this menu did not disappoint :)
Morgan showing off her cake-making talent....she could so have her a little side-business going in no time....just sayin'.... :)
Me, Annie, and baby Shep :)
Work it for the blog, ladies!
Annie with some of the shower hostesses....all such precious ladies :)
Shep's grand-mommas....they were super pumped about having their picture taken :) cute!
Now this is a basket full of goodies!
What fun times! We can't wait to meet baby Shep is person!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Update on Jocelyn

Thank you for praying for Jocelyn. She is doing much better and the swelling has went down tremendously. Her mouth and chin are still are very tender (obviously) but she is eating and drinking pretty normally and is back to full-throttle :) I took her to the dentist yesterday and the x-rays did not show any damage to her roots (praise the Lord!). There is only a slight chip on one tooth and the he wasn't too concerned about the other one that is a bit loose. He said it should be fine and harden back up. We just have to watch for discoloration. SO....hopefully we are towards the end of this ordeal. Thanks again for your prayers!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It was AWFUL. Shane was lying on the living room floor and Jocelyn decided to step up onto his back. He told her to get off because his back was hurting and she decided to use his back as a trampoline and jump off of it. When she did, she slipped and fell face first into the hardwood floor. She hit it SO hard. When Shane picked her up, blood was everywhere and her teeth had come ALL THE WAY through below her bottom lip. OK, so this is the point that the momma and the daddy start FREAKING out. We rushed her to the doctor and they cleaned up her mouth to see what kind of damage we were looking at. She cut her top lip pretty bad too but her teeth didn't go all the way through (thankfully). She chipped one of her top teeth and the one next to it is kind of loose. The doctor decided to use the glue stuff on her chin instead of stitches (Praise the Lord). It was SO sad. Gabbie was pitiful, too. She was so upset that Jocelyn was hurting so badly. She cried and cried when the doctors were cleaning up Jocie's mouth. She kept asking, "Is Joc gonna be ok, mommy? Is the doctor gonna make her boo-boo get better mommy? I so sad that Joc has got a boo-boo mommy. Is she gonna be ok mommy??" After the doctor glued her chin together they told her that she was going to get a pop sickle because she had been so brave. Gabbie immediately piped in, "Jocie need a orange pop sickle. Orange is her favorite pop sickle". It was so cute. After we got back home Gabbie definitely took on the "mommy" role in taking care of Jocie. She even gave her her "pink-a-baby" to lay with....and we all know that Gabbie doesn't give her pink-a-baby to NOBODY :)

Here is poor Jocie after we got back from the doctor. She was pitiful....
She told me to take another picture because she didn't smile in the first one :)
I knew that her mouth would be swollen this morning when she got up....but DANG, it was REALLY swollen. She was in a lot of pain most of the day but tonight she actually was able to eat some dinner so hopefully the swelling will start to decrease. I'm taking her to the dentist on Thursday. I hope she doesn't lose that tooth that is kind of loose. I also hope that something like this doesn't ever happen again....or at least for a long time. It was so sad! What's crazy is I have a scar on my chin from the exact same thing. When I was a toddler I fell out of my highchair and my teeth went through my chin. Guess me and Jocie will have that in common. Please pray that sweet Jocie recovers soon and she doesn't lose her tooth. Thanks!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cookout & Campfire at the Cabin

Our friends Colleen & Jason invited a group of peeps over to their in-the-middle-of-nowhere-Mississippi log cabin for a cookout and campfire bash. The girls were most excited about getting to "pet the chickens" at "Mrs. Cahweens" house :)

Here is the hostess herself. This is the platter the raw burger patties were just on. Not sure why she chose this to be her picture prop... :)
and her hubby cooking the burgs and dogs on his awesome grill....I mean look at this has a counter top and everything. Very cool.
We got to see friends we haven't seen in a long time like Caleb (a former student at South that we were close to) and we got to meet his girlfriend, Missy. Ya'll are so cute!
Sam and Jenny....there are just no words.... :)
Me and Laura :)
Mr. and Mrs. Blackman!! SO great to see you guys. We can't let MONTHS or even YEARS pass between us hanging out....seriously!
Enjoying some yummy hotdogs...
Some more friends....
OK, so the Baxter clan was also enjoying this fun-filled event...I'm not sure how I didn't get a picture of any of their crew....maybe because 3 of their kiddos were out in the front yard playing in the bottom of a gigantor mud hole crater....dang it...I so should have snapped a pic of that...they were covered in filth. It was awesome :)

OK people....this is a pic of the most DELICIOUS cupcakes I've ever tasted. I'm being so serious. They were divine....carrot cake with cream cheese icing, red velvet with creme cheese icing, and chocolate with chocolate icing. OH.MY.GOODNESS.
And here is their creator, Alisa, with me and Colleen in a cupcake trance....
The girls were crazy pumped about their first ever campfire. Here they are with Bree anxiously awaiting for Jason to get the fire going....
And he definitely got it going .... :)
They couldn't wait to roast marshmallows. I wanted them to be careful around the fire and not get too close so for some CRAZY reason I told them that they didn't need to get too close to the fire b/c if they did the fire would make their eyes would melt and fall out....WHAT?!?!? Why did I say that??? I mean...1. That's not even true! and 2. They take everything so literally these days so now I scared them to death about getting 15 feet away from a campfire. WOW. I am an awesome mom. Geeeez. They did freak out at first, but Shane finally convinced them that they could get close enough to roast a marshmallow and that their eyes would NOT melt and fall out. :)
Here they are roasting their first ever marshmallows....
and their 2nd and 3rd marshmallows....
and their 4th and 5th marshmallows....
at this point they were basically turning into two little marshmallows :)
Gabbie looks like she is about to throw up...I wonder why :)
They were definitely sugar-filled when we left. What great country fun!! Thanks so much to the Smith's for their amazing hospitality!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday "Missa Mark!!"

We had "Missa Mark" over for dinner to celebrate his birthday. The girls helped me make him a birthday cake. Here they are helping him blow out his candle. By the way....they do have clothes on from the waste down....they took off their shirts because they didn't want to get "birfday cake and icekweem" on them :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First 2011 USA game!

The girls were crazy excited about going to the USA football game this past Saturday. Shane had to be there most of the day doing stuff with the team. He met me and the girls there right before the game to let us in the gate. They were fully decked in the cheer leading attire. We actually had a knock-down drag-out fight before leaving the house because they wanted to wear their Georgia cheer leading outfits and this was not going to be possible because 1. They were University of Georgia and we were going to a USA that wouldn't be good :) and 2. They were WAY too their booties hung out the bottom of the skirts. SO.....we finally came to a resolution....Georgia cheer leading outfits with JAGS T-shirts over the top (tied off with a rubber band to the side b/c they were too big) along with white tights under the skirts so they were no longer flashing their booties :) They COULD NOT wait to see the marching band and their idol....the feature twirler, Miss Missy :)

Walking with daddy to the stadium....

I made sure we got there a few minutes before the game so we could see the band's pre-game show. Here are the girls anxiously awaiting for the band and their idol....

AND here she is ladies and gentlemen.....MISS MISSY!!!

and the MARCHING BAND!!!!
They were SO happy :)

And they clapped and clapped and clapped :)

After the pre-game show, the band went and sat in their designated spot on the OTHER side of the stadium from where our seats were. From that point on the girls were begging me to take them over to where Miss Missy and the marching band were at. I mean....they probably asked 1000 times in the first quarter....seriously :)
The daddy on the sidelines....
The daddy and "Missa Mark" as the girls call him :)
Lauren busted out pom-poms for the girls. They were pumped.
Jocie didn't stop cheering :)

They screamed daddy's name SO long and SO loud that he finally heard them....all the way from the sidelines. I hate this pic is blurry :(
Snack time....
They spotted Southpaw, the USA mascot, from a distance. They finally talked me into tracking him down so they could meet him. Here is Jocie trying to locate the "willy big jaguar"....
This is Gabbie's "I'm trying to talk mommy into something" face. She wanted two things: 1. To go find the "lion" aka the jaguar and 2. To go sit by Miss Missy. She is relentless.
We finally found him!
And they were in heaven :) Gabbie asked if she could bring him home with her....
After getting their Southpaw fix, we finally headed over to the other side of the stadium so they could see Miss Missy and the marching band up close and personal....

OH.MY.GOODESS. This pic is precious.
They even got to go with Miss Missy and the flag girls (I know that there is another name for them...but for some reason, I cannot recall it at the moment :) while they warmed up for the half-time show....
They were completely mesmerized....
What is she doing???
Half-time show!! Ummm, yea, they definitely had front-row seats :)
Waving at Miss Missy....
Who, obviously, had a little too much going on for her to wave back :)
Jocie stood at the steps and high-fived the band members as they came back to their seats after the half-time show. It was hilarious. She SO thinks that she is actually in the band.
On the way back to their seats, the band-members were each given and apple (I guess it was their "after-performing-in-the-scorching-heat" snack. However, the apples were like completely miniature. The one Missy is holding was actually one of the largest ones. Seriously, you could have eaten them with one small bite.....
Jocie talked Missy into giving up her apple :)
Then Gabbie wanted one...but not a red one, of course, she wanted a green one (they have to have complete opposites these days). So, Missy went and fetched her one for the band stash....
During the 2nd half the girls decided they wanted to practice their cheerleading routine in front of the entire stadium. I wish they weren't so shy :) haha.

Yep, my friends...this is definitely one of my favorite pics of them ever!! Jocie's K-3 teacher had seen them "performing" and had come down to say hey to them. She asked them to stand next to each other for a picture and Jocie puts her arm around Gabbie and then they both cheesed it up for the camera. They SOOOO look like teenagers! I can't get over it!
As you can see, the first Jags game was a blast. They've asked every day since last Saturday if it's time to go back to the football game yet. I just hope the next game has just a tad bit cooler weather....the mama was pouring sweat at this one :)