Thursday, October 23, 2008

Polar Opposites

Everyday I am amazed at how different the girls are from one another...they are seriously polar opposites! It's crazy how two babies can be born at the same time and yet be so different in every way. They are so unique and I love it! It's fun to "learn" them more and more each day. I am overwhelmed at the Lord's goodness to us! They are such a sweet gift from Him.

Which one looks like me???

Jocelyn's Two Favorites...

Lately, Jocelyn has had to have two things to be happy...her thumb in her mouth and Jayden's Elmo balloon. I feel like her thumb is going to be flat or something when she grows up b/c she sucks it so much and out of ALL the toys she has to play with...she wants Jayden's Elmo balloon. She tries to eat it, wrestles with it, screams at it, and hits Gabbie with's really funny to watch. Here is a cute pic of her in the Johnny with thumb in place and a death grip on Elmo's string :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let the Journey begin....

Journey Elizabeth Summerville is here! She was born yesterday, the 20th, and weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz and 20 and a half inches long. She is so beautiful and as you can see has LOTS of black curly hair! Amy and Journey are doing well and we are so excited about this new addition to "our family" :) I am also excited that I did not have to deliver her in our kitchen ( I have secretly had the fear that Shane and Demetrius would be a school and Amy's water would break and I would have to deliver Journey...can you imagine?!?!) We can now officially start a day care in our home since we have 4 kids under the age of 16 months! We have decided to name it "Kidz Korner". particular reason, just sounds cute :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I forgot the picture

This picture goes with the "Nursery Time" post below. I forgot to upload it :)

Nursery Time

We put the girls in the church nursery for the first time last week. I know, I know...It's taken me a "little" while to get up the courage to leave them...I mean...they are only 7 months old! But, to my defense, our pediatrician down here advised us to wait until they had their 6 month shots...I just waited another month after that :). Anyways, it was a HUGE deal for me! I didn't think it would be that hard for me, but it was! This was a picture of the girls and me when we were about to head to church. They looked so cute in their church dresses. I was just excited that we were actually going somewhere for them to wear some of their dress-up clothes (and not just me and Amy playing dress-up in the house and pretending we were going somewhere :)

Two Different Perspectives...

So the other night Shane went out on the back porch to make a phone call. After a little while he came back inside. Our back porch is connected to our living room and has a sliding glass door. I came back into the living room a couple of hours later and Shane was sitting on the couch. I sat down on the loveseat which faces the sliding glass door. Shane didn't have a really good view of the sliding glass door from the couch. I looked at the door and it was open (probably about 6 or 7 inches). This was the conversation that followed:

Me: Why is the sliding glass door open?
Shane: It's not.
Me: Yes it is. The door is open.
Shane: No it's not. I shut it when I came in from making phone calls a while ago.
Me: No you didn't...the door is open. I'm looking at it with my own eyes. It's open!
Shane: No it's not!
Me: OK, I must be blind or something! I can see it! You can't!
Shane: I know I didn't leave it open!

Shane then gets up from the couch and walks over to see the door (finally) and then confidently concludes..."It's not open. It's just not shut all the way."

End of story

Bunny Rabbit Notebook...

OK, so this is a continuation from from my post back in August titled "School Supplies". You will not understand why this picture is funny unless you go back and read that post. I was at the store a few weeks ago and saw this notebook and had to get it for Shane. Not only does it have a bunny rabbit on it, but it also says..."Skool makes you sooper smart!" I think it fits him well. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Shane!!

Shane turned 35 on Tuesday. The girls baked him a cake (of course they made his favorite...strawberry celestial surprise..aka God Cake). We had a big birthday party after lunch (big meaning... me, the girls, Amy, Jayden, and Josh...Demetrius had a meeting, so he couldn't attend the big birthday bash). Shane and I went out to dinner for his birthday that night...where? Outback of course....when given a choice, Shane will always choose STEAK! Thanks to Amy and Demetrius for staying home with the girls so we could have a night out to celebrate the mid-30's! It was so great to actually be able to eat in peace and have a conversation with each other :) I am SO very grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the greatest husband on the planet!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sippy Cups

This week I decided to give the girls sippy cups for the first time just to see what they would do with them. I didn't really think they would know what to do with them since they have never seen one before. Well, right when I handed it to them, they grabbed the handles, stuck it into their mouths and started sucking/drinking/chewing. I was amazed! It was like they knew exactly what to do! (I am really amazed at the things I am amazed at these days :) Gabbie actually drinks more water from the cup than Jocelyn. Jocelyn would rather chew more then drink. I tried to get a good pic of both of them drinking from their sippy cups for the first time ever but Jocelyn had to stop drinking and smile for the camera, of course. Gabbie, however, was really focused on the task at hand :)

Thing 1 and Thing 2

I remember LOVING Dr. Seuss's books when I was growing up (who didn't??). I've seen these outfits before and thought they would be so cute for the girls. This past week when Ben and Katie Nelson came to visit (it was SOOOO great seeing you guys!) they brought a gift for us from Brandon and Jennifer McShea and it was these Dr. Seuss outfits!! Thank you SO much! They made the cutest Thing 1 and Thing 2 I've ever seen (I'm not bias, of course:)

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Pics

Jocelyn LOVES the camera

I think these outfits are SO cute. They really describe them well....Jocelyn is definitely a "social butterfly" and Gabbie just wants to be "loved on" constantly :)

Jocelyn playing with Shane's beard

Our most recent family photo. This is one of my favorite pics so far. It is definitely a miracle that we got the girls to: 1. Look at the camera at the same time and 2. Smile at the same time

It was fun putting the girls in red. I'm so used to them wearing pink :)

The girls were jealous of Jayden's sunglasses so they stole them from him
and snapped a few photos of each other