Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grace Community's 10 Year Reunion!

This past Sunday we celebrated Grace Community Church's 10 year reunion. I can't believe it's already been 10 years since the church was planted. WOW. It was a fantastic day. During Sunday school several people shared stories about what the Lord had done in their lives during their time at Grace. We also were able to hear what the church had planned for the near future in light of ministry, etc. During the worship service they showed a slideshow of pictures from the past 10 years and then a few others shared their stories about what the Lord had done since the church was planted. It was awesome to reflect on God's faithfulness the past 10 years.

That afternoon we had a huge celebration which included YUMMY food, bounce houses for the kiddos, a dunking booth, snowcones and lots of other fun things....

The snowcone creators :)
The Park's manning the jump house...
I think they were having fun :)
Pastor Jim was the first one in the dunking booth....and he got dunked over and over and over again :)
Waiting for another turn in the jump house...
The food was AMAZING! Fried and blackened fish, fried chicken and a galore of fabulous sides and desserts...just doesn't get much better than that!

Gabbie taking a shot at Mr. Scott in the dunking booth....she didn't quite have enough power behind her throw :)
Jocie's first attempt...
2nd attempt....just a bit closer...
3rd attempt....even closer...she actually hit the target! Bye-Bye Mr. Scott :)
It was an awesome celebration. We look forward to see how the Lord continues to work in and through the life of Grace Community!

First beach trip of 2011

This past Monday, some friends (Shay, Katie, and Charlene) and I decided to load up our sexy vans and take our kiddos to Dauphin Island. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and the kids had a BLAST!

This is only like the 3rd time in their life that the girls have been to the beach (I know, that's sad). They are big fans. The only negative is that they refuse to pee in the water (and the bathrooms were like a mile away). They only way they would pee is if I dug a hole in the sand and "created" a potty. NICE. I know all the people around me thought I was crazy and so inappropriate. Oh well.... :)

Shay, Becca, and Jude
Charlene and Katie "life guarding" :)

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the girls are currently OBSESSED with babies. Jocie was pumped beyond pumped that she got to hold baby Camille :)
Lunch Time!

Fun, Fun times at the beach... we definitely have to do that again soon!

Inaugural Dentist Trip!

I recently took the girls to their first dentist appointment. I pumped them up for a week before we went so they were super excited about going (even though they had no idea what the dentist actually was :)

Getting ready.....
She told Jocie to lay down and this is what she did....hilarious!
They did SURPRISINGLY well. I was shocked. Jocie loved every minute of it....
Gabbie was a little more skeptical (I know, shocking...)

She looks way more terrified in this pic than she actually was :)

Once she agreed to put the sunglasses on she loosened up a bit :)
All clean!!

X-Ray time...which, again, I was shocked they cooperated enough to get X-rays taken...

The Dentist was fabulous with the girls. They both let him poke around and check out all their teeth without any resistance. He said all their teeth looked great. However, he did give me the very sad news that Jocie would have to probably have braces...not just because she sucks her thumb, but because of the structure of her teeth, etc. Awesome news :( Better start saving now!

Fun Visits

My fabulous friend, Lindsay, came into town and stopped by for a visit....SOOOO great to see you, Sport! I love how we are the exact same color :)
One of Shane's counseling professors from seminary, Dr. Coffield, came to Mobile a couple of weekends ago and did a marriage conference for families that had special needs children. The conference was AMAZING. Dr. Coffield also spoke at Sunday school at Grace as well as preached a sermon on marriage. It was awesome.
Dr. Coffield has definitely been one of the most influential people in both mine and Shane's life. He is an amazing counselor, mentor and friend to us both. We were SO very thankful he was able to come do the conference and visit with us. It was super refreshing.
One of Shane's best buds, Justin, came into town and stayed with us a couple of nights. It's always fabulous to see him and seeing him makes us miss his wife and kids and all of our other friends that we used to work with that we haven't seen in ages :( We need to plan a big fat reunion....SOON!
My cousin, Michaela, plays on a travel softball team and they happened to have a tourney over in Daphne last weekend so Shane and I (without the girls...thanks to Gigi and HayHay who watched them for us) went over and got to see her play. Isn't she adorable!??! She is an incredible softball player and she is only in the 7th grade!! That's nuts!
Our friends, the Nelsons, along with their adorable twins came to visit this week. I can't believe how big their twinsies have's crazy! It was SOOOO wonderful seeing you guys and hanging out. We miss ya'll!!
They stayed at some friends' apartment while they were in town and the complex had a sweet pool....which we gladly checked out :)

Sweet Abigail... cuteness!
The girls LOOOOOOVED the pool....