Friday, February 24, 2012

Here ya go!

Ok, I warned ya....and I came through....I just did like 10 new get a cup of coffee, put on your reading glasses, and get'll be here a while :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Field Trip!

The girls had their first ever field trip with their school the other day. Where to? B &B Pet Store!! When I was getting the girls ready for school earlier that morning I said, "Guess where you get to go today?? You are going on a field trip to the pet store!" They both just stared at me. "There are going to be lots of animals there for you to see!" Jocie's face immediately turns excited and she says, "Yay!! So they'll be a giraffe there, right mommy?!"....."Oh, no, baby, not a's more like little animals". She then starts nodding and smiling and says, "oh, ok, then just penguins, I guess". HILARIOUS!

The girls and Jude waiting for the pet store to open!
The first animal they were going to hear about was a turtle....

Intently listening to every word....just like at home....yeah, right!

The lady asked who wanted to touch the turtle....Jocie couldn't contain her excitement!

Next was a guinea pig....
Then a snake....eeeeeek!!!

They actually both petted the snake, I just couldn't time the picture right. Yeah, I'd pass on touching that thing...
"baby Nemo fishies"!!!!!
They LOVED the pet store. I had to leave at this point to go to work but they told me when I saw them later in the day that their favorite animal they saw was a baby kitty cat. Then they proceeded to BEG me to let them have a kitty cat for THEIR house. They promised they would take care of it ALL by themselves. Ok....SUUUUUURE :) Don't worry, I didn't give in.....this time :)

"Vowetime's" Day :)

The girls had Valentine's (or as they say it..."Vowetime's") Day parties at their school. This can be translated into 'filling their bodies jammed full of sugar' party as well :)

Silly girl....

Super excited about having her own individual sprinkles container :)
Icing time!

Oh, just a little on her face....I've definitely seen worse :)

Jocelyn's creations....
This picture was hanging up in Jocie's room. I took a picture of it b/c it was just so cute of her and her classmates :)
Then I headed across the hall to Gabbie's party....

Yes, this would be my OCD child, who had to completely clean her spoon in between each use of a different color of icing as well as not letting any of the different colors touch on her cookie.....

Sweet Gabs always sits by her "best fwend at school", Caroline :)

Gabbie's creation....
Time to taste-test...

I headed back over to Jocie's room to see how her party was going....she was still playing with her cookie....hadn't took a bite yet :)

But she downed two Capri Suns in 1.5 seconds!
Well, I guess that's one way to get it done....ha!
Jocie's class made these adorable little buckets to put all their valentines in to carry home. How cute!

When we got home from school that afternoon, there were valentine balloons and cards left for them from daddy. They were SOOOO excited and kept saying, "That was so kind of daddy to give us a Vowetime's bawoon and birthday card"! :)

Their home-made cards...presh!
The daddy also left the momma some beautiful tulips...
and a sweet homemade card :) Props to the daddy for surprising all his girls!
Seeing how Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday this year and seeing how the daddy works till 10pm on and the girlies decided to go out for a mother-daughters Valentine's dinner date. The girls wanted to get "willy dressed up" so I told them to go into their rooms and pick out whatever they wanted to wear. This is what they came out with :)

They are hilarious.

Work it, yo Hello Kitty rainboots!
and where did the girlies choose to go for their special Vowetime's dinner with mom??
Chick-fil-A, of course :)

Serious P.S......if you ever want to go to Chick-fil-A and not a SOUL be in there....go on Valentine's evening. We were the only ones in the entire restaurant. True story!

Morgan's shower!

After having two precious boys, the Lord has decided to give Matt and Morgan a little girl! Fun times!! I love me some little girls :) She had a shower here a couple of weeks ago and it was BEYOND adorable!!!

Look at this door hanger!
SO cute! And I'm LOVIN' the pink puffs (compliments of Robyn! Great job!)

Me and Morg
Morgan and her sister-in-law, Kristina, who hosted the shower at her house....
Incredible yummy cupcakes (compliments of Amanda Womack... Whoop Whoop!)
Delightful food and look at this centerpiece! Robyn- you might need to start this as a side-job....just sayin' !
I'm serious, Robyn!
A bunch of the girls from Trinity Gardens have been telling Morgan for months that they wanted to come to her shower.... so they did!

Annie & Morgan
Katie & Fallon
Liz, Bette, and Jennifer
Some more of the hostesses.....Robyn, Katie (with baby Shep...Annie's son...the only male that was allowed to attend the shower :), and Amanda
We can't wait to meet baby Lily!!!