Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Park

We've been taking the girls to a park near our house on the weekends. They absolutely love it. I never thought they would be able to actually "play" at a playground. I don't know why...I guess I just pictured them always being tiny little preemie babies :) They definitely are not tiny little babies makes me kind of sad....just kind of :)

Jocelyn likes to slide down backwards. She thinks it is hilarious!

Gabbie spent most of her time picking up the little black pieces of tire (I believe it is recycled tires?) and putting them on the slide. She loves doing intricate little things like that!

See-Saw time!!

I used to LOVE the merry-go-round when I was kid. It used to make me sick, but I still loved it!

Jocie and Daddy :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summertime Fun!!!!

We took the girls to a splash pad that is in one of our friend's neighborhood (I SO wish we had one in ours!). The girls LOVED it!

Jocelyn wanted to "catch" the water so badly!

Jocelyn loves the big fountains, Gabbie loves the small ones....

One of the big fountains "got" Gabbie...She didn't like it too much :) Daddy was there to comfort her!

Gabbie doesn't like her knees to touch...

Every Tuesday we go to a play-date that some moms from our church host. This has been a great way for Amy and I to meet other moms and feel more "connected" here. Last week Shane went with me. This was his first play-date ever. He was the only guy there. I didn't care if he felt a little awkward....I am ALWAYS glad when he can come with me anywhere with the girls. One-on-One is much easier!

This is really amazing....there are 3 sets of fraternal twin girls that go to our church here AND they are all within 1 month of each other! Isn't that crazy!? Above is a pic of all 3 sets of twins surrounding the pool. Too cute!!!

The girls were a little hesitant to get in the pool, but they eventually warmed long as Daddy was close by...

One of our neighbors, Neri, had a "splash" birthday party. Here is the 3 amigos checking out the pool..
Jocelyn eating watermelon....Gabbie eating the inflatable flower... :)

After Neri's birthday party, we went and bought a slip-n-slide. They all love it! Shane especially :)

Playing in the pool in our backyard. Jocelyn and Journey LOVE the pool. Gabbie loves it as long as she is splashing from the outside :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We Also Love......

To wrestle in our crib!!

The girls are on this kick now where every single morning after breakfast they want to both get in Gabbie's crib, have a bunch of pillows tossed in there and then jump on each other, wrestle one another, do flips, etc. etc. They have the best time ever! Eventually, though, one or both of them end up getting hurt, the fun usually ends in tears, but they still LOVE doing it :) They also continue to love climbing...especially Joci. Below is a pic of her on the rocking chair ottoman. She loves rocking back and forth really fast, until she eventually falls off. She is definitely my "adventure" baby!

While Joci is doing backflips off the ottoman, Gabbie is contently reading a book. They are so different! I love it! Look at this face!!! I just want to eat it up!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We Love......

Food!! Yes, my children LOVE to eat. Yes, I am thankful. (I have to remind myself to be thankful for that every week when I am at the grocery store going broke on buying food for them :)

Gabbie's favorite meal at the moment is spaghetti. I think that is quite obvious from these two pictures. ...

Jocelyn's favorite food is, wait, that is my favorite food....actually EVERY kind of food is Jocelyn's favorite food. I haven't found one thing that she will not eat. She actually eats so much sometimes that she throws up. True story. I now just have to stop her and make her get down from her highchair when I think she has had enough. She doesn't like that very much! She gets SO excited about food!

Chowing down on corn-on-the-cob

As I have posted earlier, the girls get into things now in like 2 seconds. Well, this was one of those occasions. They decided to eat not-washed, red, raw potatoes for snack. Jayden quietly sat by and observed this whole thing going down :) And then, of course, when they are "caught" they both give me the "what am I doing wrong" look. Classic. AND Jocelyn immediately drops her potatoes (like I can't see them) and simultaneously picks up her sippy cup as if she is just sitting there sipping away while Gabbie devours the potatoes. Too funny!

The girls not only love to eat food but they have recently started cooking as well. They love to stir and stir and stir. Jocelyn prefers to do all of the "taste-testing" :)