Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bye Bye Orlando....Hello Sweet Home Alabama!

I had great intentions of doing several more posts before we moved. That obviously isn't going to happen. Packing comes before Posting, unfortunately. Tomorrow morning the girls and me are loading up in the sexy van and heading out. I DO NOT look forward to making this trip by myself with the car screamers. However, I am excited that I am able to drive half-way and stay with some college friends, Robbie and April, for the night. I haven't seen them in forever. They had twin girls back in October and I can't wait to meet them. Fun times. Then on Thursday, me and the girls are heading to Jay to stay with my family for the night. Then on Friday, we are finally heading to Mobile where we will meet Shane with the moving truck. Then the fun really begins. Haha. We are going to be staying at a friend's house (thank you Ms. S!!) for two weeks while we do some work on our house. Needless to say, the next SEVERAL weeks are going to be crazy. Completely insane. But, I am SUPER excited about moving back. Eventually, I will post all the pics, etc. that I was wanting to post before we left. Eventually. Please pray for our trip(s) and for the crazy transition back. We definitely would appreciate it!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We LOVE the Wawa!!

The girls definitely love the "wawa". They would play in the water all day everyday if I would let them (which they basically do because it is SOOOO unbelievably HOT down here!).

Shane went and bought a $3 sprinkler the other day for the girls. They loved filling up all their "bowls" :)

One thing I will miss a whole lot when we move is the many splash pads that Orlando has to offer. Splendid idea, especially since it is basically scorching most of the year. P.S...I am working on a post of "All the things I will miss". It is my way of processing my time here. I hope to do it before we move this week....we shall see...

Gabbie used to be very timid, etc. But, as of late, she has become quite the adventurer. She kept sticking her face into the shooting water and loving it. Very funny.

Jocie trying to "drink" the wawa

Some friends in Shane's class invited us over to their apartment pool for Memorial Day. The girls swam (with Daddy) for 3 hours straight. Ummmm....yes, they love the wawa :)

The system: 1. Wait for daddy to come near the side of the pool

2. Stand up and count to 3 (P.S. Hearing them count is the cutest thing EVER!)

3. Jump in and them put head ALL the way under the water (who is this brave little girl???) and swim with daddy

4. Point to side of pool so Daddy can take you there you can wait for your sister to go through the whole system

5. Going to the side of the pool

6. Arrive at side of pool....loving EVERY minute!

We LOVE our daddy!

Our seminary friends...

Cool goggles...

Me and my twinsie friends took all the girls to another splash pad for a play date. There were a zillion other kids there...lots of "we are going to share" conversations... :)

She gets slightly excited.... :)

I look over and Gabbie has made a new friend and then proceeded to take this lady's box of crackers and help herself. Nice.

The splash pad park had a Mickey Mouse statue thingy. The girls LOVE Mickey Mouse and wanted to "wide Mickey Mouse like a horsie"....

Julie and Stephen (friends with twin girls) invited us over for a pool/boat day. Fun. Fun. Fun.
Nice view from the pool, huh?

The daddy's with the girlies. Love the daddy's.

Surfin USA....

The Dress-Up Continues...

Lately, the girls have been making me laugh so hard. They do the funniest things ever. They especially crack me up with their dress-up ideas. The other day, they decided they wanted to wear their huge pink flower headbands (from Aunt Julia :) and wool striped gloves. That's it. Need I remind you that it is a zillion degrees down here. Hilarious.

The next morning when I got Gabbie up, the first thing she wanted was her "gwuvs", of course, (to accompany her Elmo undies) AND she wanted to go out to the screened-in porch to play where it is 100 degrees with 100% humidity at 7:30am. Fun times.

Gabbie is currently obsesses with opening and closing doors, particularly the sliding glass door. I will be glad when this obsession ends :)

This is when they decided they wanted their pink PJ pants on (no shirt) and they wanted to pull them up as HIGH as possible. They kept yelling "high, mommy, high" and pulling up on the waist as hard as they could. I don't know where they got the idea that "high waters" are cool, but they definitely think they are....

I heard them in our room laughing really hard the other day. When they finally came out, this is what they were wearing. They thought it was absolutely hilarious that they had on "mommy's ba". Then they wanted a pic with daddy while they had mommy's ba on. I think seeing them with bras on really freaked Shane out a little bit :)