Saturday, March 23, 2013

Art Reception

The girls took art classes again the past 8 weeks and had their 2nd art reception as week. At their first reception last fall, I was completely amazed at the level of their artwork as well as how they actually got up in front of everyone with their teacher and talked about their artwork. Shane didn't get to come last time, so he re-arranged his schedule to be able to make this one. 

Here is their teacher welcoming anyone. All the children's art work is displayed in columns on the walls behind her.
Since the daddy was there, all the "sudden" they were afraid to go up front by themselves and needed daddy to go with them. I should have known that this might happen. They LOOOOOVE him and become very "needy" when he is around.....SO needless to say, the daddy "helped" them share about their artwork with everyone :)

Jocelyn said her favorite piece was her fish and seaweed picture....

Gabbie liked her penguin piece the best....

I was a bit flustered that they acted like they were 2 since the daddy was there-but despite that- I was amazed again at their artwork! They learned so much and really express their creativity in such different ways. It's really cool to see :)

Birthday Girls

On March 13th-the girlies turned FIVE YEARS OLD. I can hardly type that because it just seems IMPOSSIBLE. I remember (well, as much as I can due to the valium and complete and utter anxiety of having them 2 months early) the day they were born and it just seems like a blink ago (even though there have been NUMEROUS times the past 5 years that seemed like eternity:). But, as I sit here today, it really does seem like a blink. They are just growing up SO fast and I can't do anything to stop it!!! They truly are sweet, precious blessings from the Lord. Two VERY DIFFERENT blessings from the Lord :) We are beyond thankful that He chose to entrust them with us. They definitely turned our world upside down and continue to do so on a daily basis! Never a dull moment with these two "passionate" little girls....that's.for.sure. Happy 5th birthday sweet girls!!!!

They were SO pumped about turning five- and even more pumped that daddy gave them their birthday wish- a "sparkly" donut from Krispy Kreme and he even put a candle in it :)
Birthday kisses from Daddy :)

Their sparkly donuts did not disappoint!
This is the outfits they picked to wear to school on their birthday. They said the wanted to be "sparkly princesses" on their birthday. Welp....they were! :)

Me and the princesses :)

Dance Pics

The girls got their dance recital costumes a couple of weeks ago (even though their recital is not until mid-May). The main reason they got them is for dance pics that took place last weekend. Here are the girls trying on their costumes the day I picked them up. They were BEYOND excited. And no, I did NOT tell them to pose. It just comes naturally. WHAT.IN.THE.WORLD. !!!!
Relaxing before it was time to go to the dance studio for pictures :)

Window watching with some of their classmates :)

These are not my children. These are teenagers. I don't have teenagers. I have 5-year-olds. Someone has taken my babies and replaced them with teenagers. Ahhhhghghhghghghhghg!!!
Seriously....the posing cracks me up!

A close-up of the back of their costumes....SO cute!

Where are my babies!?!?!??!?

I CANNOT wait to get their pictures back. I'm pretty sure they are going to be the cutest things I have ever seen. They TOTALLY worked it out in front of the camera. 
Jocie was still in the "mode" ;)

We stayed a few minutes and watch the "big girls" aka the real teenagers get their pics taken. They were mesmerized. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Valentine's Day fun at school :)

The girls have a great room mom (No, it's not me...haha :). She is always coming up with really cute things for them to do-especially around holidays, etc. and then she always takes pics of each of them and then prints them out for all of us. HELLO?!? That's awesome!! SO super thoughtful and nice of her.  Here are a couple of her ideas from Valentine's Day....

Pucker up!

Joc always crackin' up....

 Gabbie....SO serious :)

Heart glasses!

Fairy Tale Day

The girls had a "Fairy Tale" day at school. They each were to dress up like one of their favorite fairy tale characters and bring a fairy tale book to share with the class. When Gigi was down they told her about their upcoming Fairy Tale day and she wanted to take them to the store and let them pick out a new fairy tale outfit of their choice. They came home wearing head-to-toe Rupunzel gear- including LONG blonde wigs and every accessory you can imagine:) They could not wait until they got to wear their outfits to school for the WHOLE DAY!

Here is an attempt to get a class pic....good luck trying to get them all to look at the camera at one time :)

The girls with their BFF....Payton "the girl". Literally, that is what they all call her and what she answers to. There is a Peyton "the boy" in their class as well. They LOOOOOVE them some Payton "the girl"!

She SWEARS she was born to be a princess.  I mean, in our eyes....she is....but you know what I mean :)

 And here is our other "flower-child" princess :)

Rupunzel looks a bit confused.... ;)

Can't get enough of Payton "the girl" :))))

My ALMOST 5 year olds!

In five days these little girlies will be 5 YEARS OLD. I cannot believe it. It just seems impossible. This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago when Gigi was down visiting. Gigi was going to go to the grocery store and they wanted to go as well. They picked out their own outfits, dressed themselves, and did their own hair (that's pretty obvious). They completed their looks with matching scarves and TWO purses each (oh myyyyyyyy ;) I just can't get over this pic....they look SOOOOO old! And Gabbie insisted she be in charge of the grocery list (shocking, I know :)

Only 5 more days of having 4 year olds. Ok, I need to go have a good, long cry about that......

Fire Station Field Trip!

The girls school took a field trip to a local fire station a couple weeks back.  It was actually really cool. They go to learn all about fire safety from the really cheesy, yet kind of funny (the kiddos thought he was HILARIOUS :) firefighter dude. 

What's up with this face? ;)
And then it was mask time.....
Most of them thought he was funny looking- however a couple were TERRIFIED!
Then they each got to spray the fire hose....

And "drive" the firetruck....along with getting honk the REALLY loud horn once :)

The grand finale!
One more pic on an antique firetruck....