Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our fabulous friends, the Pilgers, took us to Chuck-E-Cheese on Monday night to celebrate the girls 3rd birthday. They were not able to make it to their party so they thought this would be a fun gift for the girls. And they were right. It was their first time to go to Chuck-E-Cheese and THEY LOVED IT.

Here they are on the horsie and they just spotted Chuck-E-Cheese himself :)
Jake with Barney...his fav....

Jocie flying :)
Sweet Blake...
The crew! (minus me, obviously)
Gabbie really is into this whole driving trucks thing....awesome :)
She is SO a teenager....
Everyone loves Barney (except me!)

Thanks so much Pilgers!! We had SOOOOO much fun!! Love you guys!!!

Two of a kind

These two crack me up. I mean they are total opposites in so many ways....but they LOVE to be side by side most of the time. They can fight like cats and dogs....but they really do love each other so much. They usually HAVE to be doing whatever the other one is's just the way it is....

Sitting in their Dora chairs drinking their juice at the same time guessed it....Dora :)
Tired of the Dora chairs....let's sit in laundry baskets instead..... :)
I was cooking dinner. I heard them coming in and out of the sunroom but had no idea what they were doing (and chose NOT check it out just for the sake of getting dinner cooked :)...well, this is what they were doing...settin up shop outside. Silly girls.
They love the bathtub. And they love each other (most of the time :). And I love them.

Daddy's Little Helpers

Shane planted some flowers this past weekend and the girls were his little helpers. They thought it was SO cool :)

Gabbie ready to put her flowers in a hole....
Not real sure what Jocie was doing at the moment :)

Great job to the Daddy and the girlies! I'll take some pics of the finished product soon to share :)


Gigi sent the girls Easter dresses, shoes, purses, and hats (yes, she went all out :). They were SO excited about wearing everything to church on Easter. When I went to get them out of their room on Easter morning....this is what Gabbie had put on.... Easter hat...check. Pink tutu with Elmo panies showing....check. White satin Easter purse....check. Purple sheep backpack from New Zealand....check. Pink snoopy socks....check. (side note...I had their dresses hung up in my room and their shoes in my room or I KNOW they would have had them on as well :) HILARIOUS.
Jocelyn didn't "accessorize" as much as Gabbie, but still was sporting the pink Tutu OVER her PJ's and the Easter hat, of course...nice :)After the momma got them dressed for church....TOO FREAKIN CUTE!!!

Family Pic :)

Family Pic #2

Sweet Gabbie...

Hilarious Jocelyn :)

We left the hats at home b/c there were just too many accessories to keep up with! Thanks Gigi for the Easter outfits....they LOVED them!! As did I :)

After church and putting the girls down for a short nap, we headed to Jay for the family's Easter egg hunt and fish fry....

Getting the eggs ready for the hunt...
The little kiddos waiting anxiously for the hunt to begin :)

Yes...their shirts were slightly too big...

Sweet Sawyer...

Landon & Jackson showing off their eggs...
More surprises inside!!

Chocolate!! The Gabster's favorite :)

Nothin runs like a Deere!

Jackson had a truck. The girls had never seen anything like it...they went ballistic :)
I CANNOT imagine when they are actually old enough to be driving! GEEEEEEZ....

Sweet Juliana and Jordan
Grandma & Em....

Mark cooking up the fish....yummy!

Grandma feeding one of her MANY great-grandchildren :)

Going for another spin....

OH NO!!! The truck broke down.... Get out and push us Landon!


Jackson made some Easter cupcakes for all the is Jocelyn "worshiping" hers! haha

Cupcake mustache :)
Say Cheese!!!!They were LOVING the "baby" trampoline :)
Giving PawPaw and MawMaw good-bye kisses with their party-blowers....SO cute.

One more time.... :)