Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

The girls (aka the mommy) made Shane a Father's Day card on Shutterfly and got him two new work out shirts because, in Jocie's exact words, "Daddy when you exercise you STINKY!!" :))

Gabbie showing daddy his card...

He loved his new shirts (yes, he is crying....not over the shirts :) I put a picture of his dad on his Father's Day card. Thinking about his dad always brings the tears.....especially on Father's Day.... 

Jocie giving a close-up of his card....
We love you Daddy!!  You truly are the BEST.DAD.EVER.

Happy birthday to me!!

Way back on June 8th I celebrated my 36th birthday (wowzers....CANNOT believe I just typed that number! Doesn't seem possible! Oh, well, it's reality :). The girlies (aka the daddy) brought me cupcakes from Flour Girls Bakery....and not just any cupcake....I red-velvet with creme cheese filling and icing cupcake. Y.U.M.M.Y.  They were pumped about blowing their candles out with me :)

LOVE these two!

That night Shane took me out to Fuego where several friends that he had invited met us there to celebrate with us. Fun Times!

Me & the hubs

Me & the Canadian turned country Colleen :)

The BEST Mango Marg I have ever had!

So thankful for all the my friends that were able to join us!
The Pilgers :)

The Loyds :)
The Vilacampas :)
The Parks :)
and my favorite friend that joined us....the home-made guacamole dip!!! :)))) Total yumminess! Thanks to the Vilacampas for sharing some with me!

Shane decided to try one of these....
Probably not his best move ever.... :)))
Had to cool it off with a mango of course :)
Birthday Sundae!! 
Yay!! Such a fun night! Props to the hubby for planning it!! Fantastic birthday!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cupcake makin' time with Mrs. Charlene!!

 Mrs. Charlene invited the girls over to make cupcakes.....but not just any cupcakes....BALLERINA cupcakes!!

 Gab was just a LITTLE excited about using the big mixer :)
 Mrs. Charlene- one of the most patient people I know :)
 Jocie's turn!

 W.O.W. SOOOO cool!!
 Time to fill them up!

 All baked and ready to frost!!
Gabbie making sure the icing was eatable :)
 Look at the cool icing thingy that Mrs. Charlene had!
Gab's first ever chocolate icing cupcake topped with ballerina made all by herself :))
 Jocie's turn!
 So proud of her work! :)
 Now the best part....
 They were pleased :)))

 Before they iced the  next batch, Mrs. Charlene decided it might be a good idea to make some "aprons" so they wouldn't get the chocolate icing all over their clothes. Brilliant idea!

 Round Two!!

Thanks for inviting us over to make cupcakes!! We had a BLAST!!