Friday, January 3, 2014

It's that time again!

Time to decorate for Christmas!! yay! We decided to make a fun-filled day that started off with taking the girls to see the movie Frozen at the theater. They had been begging for us to take them- Frozen was SOOOO good! Shane and I enjoyed it just as much as they girls did! So fun and so good!

Afterwards we came back home to decorate. For the last 3 years there has been this sweet family in our church that "blesses" us with a Christmas tree. SO thoughtful and we are SO grateful! 

Hanging the ornaments!

After we got the tree and house decorated, it was time to decorate the gingerbread house!

What a FUN FUN FUN day!


PawPaw, MawMaw, Uncle D, Aunt Juliet, Ashton, and Landon came over in December to have our yearly Bellingrath trip. 

Jocie and Landon chilling with PawPaw before we headed to Bellingrath….

Uncle D and fam! Baby Preston is due in February! Yay!

Bellingrath! Our one and only family pic of the night!

The "handicap" one of the evening :) Ashton had first leg of wheelchair pushing duty :)
The daddy's turn! :)

I love the trees….

Riding "Aslan" with Pawpaw!

They always love the gators…..and they ALWAYS ask if they are real or not :)

PawPaw and MawMaw!

Hot chocolate time!

PawPaw had last leg!!

Relaxing at home after our adventure! Fun times had by all!

Thanksgiving in Jay

We headed over to Jay for Thanksgiving. Of course the first thing the girls requested: A Gator ride with PawPaw :)

We had our big Thanksgiving lunch at Uncle Allen and Aunt Kim's house against his year. It's always great to see the extended family. Here's me and grandma resting after we devoured lunch!

LOVE.THIS.WOMAN.  She is one of a kind. Yep, she made an Indian headband and necklace to wear for Thanksgiving. No words can describe all this woman is….SO grateful-beyond grateful for her and that she is my grandma.

Cousin Landon and Sawyer with their John Deere's. They are two peas in a pod.

Cotton pics :)

My "little" brother. Love him. So incredibly thankful and amazed by what all the Lord has done in and thru his life. 
Close-up of his "burly-ness":)

CCS Thanksgiving Program

The girls had the cutest little Thanksgiving program ever! Gabbie's class were pilgrims and Jocie's were Indians.  They went one by one and shared their name and what they were thankful for, they sang several songs, quoted several poems and scripture, and most impressive was them all quoting the entire Psalm 100 passage. Amazing. I LOVE THEIR SCHOOL, THEIR TEACHERS, THEIR PRINCIPAL, EVERYTHING!! We are SO blessed to be able to send them there this year. SO BLESSED. 

I don't have any pics during their program b/c I couldn't locate my camera….but I found it for the Thanksgiving feast that followed. 

our little pilgrim!

our blonde little Indian!

The girls with their "bestie", Holland :)

Gigi & HayHay!

Family pic!