Saturday, October 31, 2009

Community Apple

Lately I have just been putting a diaper on the girls after they get out of the bathtub (b/c it's like wrestling a bull to get a diaper on them) and then right before they go to bed, I put their PJ's on (which is also like wrestling a bull). They eat dinner every night before they get in the tub. Sometimes they eat good, sometimes they don't. Well, on this particular night, they both ate alot. After I cleaned up the bathroom from their bath, (they like to pour cups of water out of the tub and all over the floor no matter how many spankings they get :) I walked into the kitchen and saw them sitting at the table (above picture). The scavengers were taking it upon themselves to go ahead and finish Jayden's dinner as well even though they should not have been hungry at all (Jayden had not eaten very much at dinner so there was a peanut butter/jelly sandwich, some cheese, and an apple left on the table). Well, not too long after they started to devour the goods, the other two kiddos joined them at the table. Jocelyn (below picture) had started to kill the apple. After she ate about half of it, she decided to share it with everyone else.....

Jayden got first dibs....

Then Journey....

Last but not least...the Gabster...who just licked the apple since she refuses to eat fruit...but she insisted on taking part in sharing the community apple anyways :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Randomness

Yes, it is almost the end of October and yes, we still go to the splash pad. It was like 90 something degrees today. Not fun. I am ready for some cool weather. Who knows when that will happen. It was so cool in Mobile last week...I LOVED it.

I gave up on putting the girls in bathing suits a while back. It's just way to complicated to go through that additional step. I got some cute pics of them in their suits this summer. Now the swim diaper is their suit :)

Bringing lots of buckets and cups to the splash pad is KEY. Without them, the girls last maybe 10 minutes. I learned that the hard way :)

Fill the bucket with lots of highly chlorinated water.....then down it....Nice. Maybe it's not too terrible for them?!?

They dug down in the diaper bag and found these random paci's. They haven't used paci's since they were like 3 months old or something. They think they are really cool toys.

At their art class at the YMCA they decorated Halloween cookies. This was fun to watch. Jocelyn was all into decorating her cookie and cupcake with the icing. Gabbie did not touch the icing for the first 15 minutes. She did think the little sprinkles were way cool.

I threw some icing on Gabbie's cookie and cupcake since she refused to touch it...

But then she finally tasted it and just started eating the icing by the spoonfuls...but she never touched her cookie or cupcake...

Jocelyn, however, had 3 cookies of her own, and her cupcake, and then tried to steal Gabbie's. I had to put my foot down at that point :)

Mamie being "loved" by 3 of the kiddos all at one time :)

The girls are obsessed with sitting in their booster seats on the floor. They have learned how to snap the tray on themselves, but then they scream when they want it off (haven't quite learned how to take it off yet). Lately they like to read out loud to each other while they are in their chairs. Too cute!

Over the past few months we have found several fun play items for the kiddos on craigslist, consignment sales, etc. I got this really cool sandbox/table thingy at the GOMOTT sale a few weeks ago. They love it. Amy said today that we totally have all the equipment we need to start a daycare....oh wait, we already run a daycare :)

Gabbie trying to get Jocelyn to hurry up and go down the slide!

GOMOTT Sale Post...See Below

I just posted about the GOMOTT consignment sale I had a few weeks ago. For some reason it did not post at the top of my page. It showed up after the "tumbling" post. So, scroll down and take a look....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Road Trip

Last week me, Amy, and 4 kids piled into the sexy van and drove to Mobile. There were several times throughout the drive that I concluded that we were officially crazy for attempting to do this again. Amy's kids travel awesome. My kids are completely psycho in the car. They REFUSE to sleep AT ALL. Instead they SCREAM their heads off the ENTIRE drive. Very fun. Amy took a pic of me (above) attempting to calm Gabbie down by touching her (occasionally this works). It did work for a few minutes, but then my shoulder went completely numb from being in such a crazy position, so I had to stop. Screaming resumed. Jocelyn screamed so loud for so long that she finally threw up. Yes, that is right, vomited. Poor Amy cleaned it up b/c I was driving. Bless you, Amy. Did I mention that her kids actually SLEEP THROUGH my kids ridiculous screaming?? Yes, I don't know how, but they do. Needless to say, we made it to Mobile in record time b/c I was determined to get there as fast as possible so that the screaming would cease.

We stopped for lunch at this awesome McDonald's that has this huge play room where the kiddos can just run around like crazy and play. It was much needed.

Journey driving

Yes, that is our children 3 stories up. Don't really know how they got up there. Didn't really care at the moment :)

While we were in Mobile, the girls and I went to a Jaguars football game. It was lots of fun. We tailgated at the Loyd's tent (we also stayed with them while in Mobile...thanks SOOOO much!).

The girls cheering on the Jags!

At the game. They LOVED the band.

I took the girls to a pumpkin patch in Mobile with my friend Ariel and her son Jake. We tried to get pics of all three of them. That wasn't happening. They loved the pumpkins. They thought they were balls to throw. Not good. They got ticked that they couldn't pick up the big ones. Then they found the little ones. Nice.

Jocelyn and Jake...the only decent picture with him and at least one of mine :)

One of my friends, Lauren, is driving her grandparent's car at the moment...yes, an El Camino. Classic. Love it. I had to get a pic of the girls in it.

The girls with Banks, Travis and Stephanie's son. I'm pretty sure they traumatized him with their screaming while we were there....sorry about that :)

After we stayed in Mobile a few days visiting friends, etc., the girls and I headed over to Jay to visit my family. On the way, we stopped in Pensacola to see my high school coach (Ms. K). She has never met the girls yet. She didn't know what she was getting into by letting them into her house. They destroyed the place in record time. It was amazing to watch. Below is a beautiful arrangement that Jocelyn put together for Ms. K. Amazing.

She showed them where the Tupperware was located. Bad idea :)
Sorry about your house! It was so great to see you!!

The girls and I with my grandma and grandpa.

Isn't this pic of Jocelyn and my grandpa so cute?!

My dad (Paw Paw) taking the girls to the pond to feed the fish. They LOVED it!

The girls, Paw Paw and cousin Kaylea

Maw Maw, Aunt Juliet, cousin Landon and the girls playing outside. They LOVE the sandbox.

Cousin Landon playing in the tub with the girls.

Gabbie with her pink John Deer hat on. Sweet.

The day before we left, Gabbie threw a massive fit in the yard. Here are a few pics I was able to capture of the tantrum. I thought she was just ticked off that day...but then I realized the next day that she was just trying to prepare me for the ride home. The girls and I had to make the trip back to Orlando by ourselves. Yes, I am officially crazy. I thought they screamed on the way to Mobile and that it really couldn't get any worse. I was wrong. I even gave them benedryl after lunch to see if that would make them sleep. Not so much. Jocelyn threw up twice and Gabbie threw up once from screaming so much. I made it home in a new record time. Thank you Jesus for not letting me get a ticket (b/c I would have totally deserved one :) The traveling was a complete nightmare, but it has to be done to see friends and, it's worth it to me. I'm sure I'll probably even do it again after I give myself a few months to recover :)