Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Official...

Yes, it is official....I now drive a van. There has not been one day in my life where I envisioned myself having a mini van. However, I must say, I LOVE IT! There is SO MUCH ROOM for all four of us and all of our crap! It took me a little while to get used to driving it (I felt like I was driving a bus at first) but now I feel like a pro! My favorite thing, by far, is the automatic sliding side doors....this comes in VERY handy when I'm trying to load both of them in and out. Anyways, just wanted everyone to know that we have officially "crossed over" into the world of mini vans. And I will proudly proclaim that I will never drive anything else! I am sold!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Girls

The girls are growing up SO fast!! They are getting SO big (atleast to me they are :)
No, I am not wearing a hot pink wrap's a blanket. I was freezing during the one week winter we had down here a few weeks ago.

Gabbie favorite toys right now are kitchen stuff...i.e spatulas, wooden spoons, pots and pans. It's so funny that out of ALL the toys they have....that's what she wants to play with most.

Jocelyn is pulling up on EVERYTHING! This is one of Jayden's chairs (the girls have taken it over :)

Me and my little chicas

Jocelyn and Daddy

The girls LOVE to play together now. It is SO much fun to watch. They play peek-a-boo and laugh at each other all day. Sometimes Jocelyn wants to wrestle Gabbie. She's not too happy with that game.

The girls bundled up during the week long winter a few weeks ago. They have to have 20 toys with them when we go walking. They just steal them back and forth from each other the whole time :)

Here are the girls in their first "big girl" outfits. AHHHHHH!!!! They are growing up WAY TOO FAST!!

The Flying V and the Triplet Triangle

These are pictures of two different days at "snack time". Above is the Triplet Triangle. Aren't the triplets so cute?! We can't believe how much they all look alike :)

The three in the Flying V were all entranced by Praise Baby...of course

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Last of the Treasure

OK, I now it's kind of weird that I am putting a picture of my breastmilk on here...but there is a good reason :) ....Way back (I think in September sometime) I posted some pictures of my "treasure box" entire deep freezer completely full of frozen breastmilk. If you don't believe me, go back and find that post and see the pics for yourself :) Anyways, the is a picture of my very last bag of frozen breastmilk....I have to say, I was pretty emotional on the day that I used the last of "my treasure". 1. I couldn't believe that I actually used it was kind of like a "season" coming to an end and 2. I was SOOOOO thankful that the Lord allowed me to have so much milk to be able to use throughout all these months. Anyways, I thought that a pic of the very last bag of the entire treasure box was definitely "blog worthy"!


This month we have had several of our friends come to visit us all the way down here in hot Orlando! We love when we have visitors!! Our friends Don and Denise (aka ..Donny Ballgame and Mama Blu) came and hung out with us and the girls a few days ago. The girls had so much fun playing with Donny Ballgame :)

The girls with Matt and Morgan (it was SO great to see you guys!! Come back soon!!)

One of my best friends from college, Luann, had triplet girls a few months before I had my girls. Her and her husband, Tracy, came down to Disney a couple of weeks ago and we got to meet their girls for the first time. We all went swimming together...that's alot of baby girls in the pool at one time! The triplets are in their ducky girls wanted daddy to hold them the whole time :) It was so wonderful to see ALL of you!. We had SO much fun!

My other best friend from college, Megan, drove down with Luann to help out with the triplets (they drove from Birmingham to Orlando in ONE day....CRAZY!!). Megan came to stay with us for a few days. She played with the girls, cooked, cleaned....just served us in HUGE ways! Thanks so much Meg! It was SOOOO great to see you too!!

Visitors are always welcome!!! Please make your reservations now!!! :)

Christmas Pig

This was a random Christmas pig that Shane and I saw while we were driving to see one of my friends in my hometown. It was so random that we had to stop and take a picture of it because you just can describe it without seeing a picture. My only guess is it was a float for the annual "Redneck Christmas Parade" that happens every year in my hometown of Chumuckla.....just a guess....

New Year's Conference

Here are some pics from this year's New Year's Conference in Atlanta. This one is Shane with some guys from South. Shane and I had such a great time catching up with students and staff. Gran (Shane's mom) went with us to help with the girls so I was able to go to alot of things.....for which I was VERY thankful! :)

Me and Kari :) awe....I miss you so!!

Kari and her FIANCE Abraham! YAY!! We are so excited for you guys!!

Me and Kristina (student from South)

One of my really good friends, Lindsay, (that I haven't seen in 4 years) drove down from Knoxville to Atlanta to see us and the girls. It was SO great to see you Lindsay!! (Lindsay is also the new owner of our dog Taco. We had to give Taco and Zeke away before we moved down here :(

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Few pics from our Mobile trip

The girls playing with Jake Pilger. They were fighting over him for sure!

Landon in his cute Christmas outfit

The girls had so much fun at the Blackman's! (as did we!) Thanks again!

PawPaw and MawMaw came to visit us when we were in Mobile. Here is a pic with them and cousin Landon

My Nephew!

I got to meet my nephew, Landon, for the first time over Thanksgiving. He is such a little cutie!

Landon with his daddy (my brother, Douglas)

Thank you Lord for the Baby Bjorn!

I don't know what we would do without the Baby Bjorn carriers....seriously! This picture was taken back in November, but it is definitely a snapshot of what most of our days look like-especially around dinner time (when all the children are going nuts!). Journey was obviously MUCH smaller then and is now the same size as the girls (not quite...but she is definitely gaining on them fast!)

The Black's Are Back!

OK---so I have disappeared from the blogging world for a month or so....but, now I AM BACK! After the stomach virus in the middle of December and traveling all over creation for the holidays, it has taken me a while to recover! Not to mention that I am extremely overwhelmed by all the pictures and stories that I want to put on here and so I just keep putting it off :) SO, I say all that to say...I am going to slowly add new posts over the next few days (as time and the twins allow). So, please bear with me as I try to get "caught up"... I am a freak about chronological order and stuff like that so I'll have to start with pics, etc from Thanksgiving and move forward! :)