Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Celebration Time!!!

We had the girls birthday party at the park again this year. The weather was perfect! They requested a Ariel (Little Mermaid) that is what they got :) Gigi got them these adorable Ariel outfits to wear to their party. They were super pumped :)

Fruit, pretzels, goldfish, & cupcakes!

The creator of these AWESOME cupcakes!! Thanks so much, Amanda!!

Their birthday tableclothe....I feel like it was just yesterday when I was drawing a big number 1 on there for their first birthday party! I just can't believe they are 4!
All their friends signing the tablecloth.....

Cupcake time!

Time to eat!

So thankful for all their wonderful friends :)
Gabbie enjoying her 2nd cup of icecream :)
Jude cheezin' :)
Playground time!!

Uncle D, Landon, and Kaylea....
Silly girl :)
Sweet Landon
I can't believe how old Kaylea is....I feel like she just turned 4 herself!

The girlies talked Daddy into going down the slide with them :)

Great-grandma Burch and MawMaw...
Having a blast :)
They talked Daddy into letting them get in the baby swings :)

Friends from the gym, Lisa & Maria...
A family pic just didn't happen this year....this is as good as we could get :)
We decided to take all the gifts home and let the girls open them there. Best.Decision.Ever. :)
Just SLIGHTLY excited about their Ariel dolls :)
Look at this face!
pretty dresses from MawMaw & PawPaw :)
Cool sunglasses!

Fun new pencils!

"Budiful hats"!!
Kaylea's flower creation she made out of all the tissue paper from the gifts....
The fam came over to our house for a few hours after the party. We had to make a Chick-fil-A run, of course :)
Uncle D and Shane getting the kiddos set up....
Landon and Uncle D......precious!

Later that afternoon, daddy and HayHay put together the easel that PawPaw & MawMaw got the girls....

They LOVE it!

Jocie trying out some of the nail polish she got for her birthday :)

Aunt Beth, Aunt Margaret & Mr. Bill, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Everett, Aunt Barbara, and Aunt Linda Jean & Uncle Jimmy all the girls birthday cards in the mail. They get SO pumped to actually get something in the mailbox that is for them. Here are some pics of them with some of their cards. Thanks to all the Aunts & Uncles for the sweet cards!!