Sunday, September 30, 2012

Celebrating Annie!

Happy birthday Annie!! Fuego style!!

So VERY grateful for your friendship!!! Love you!

Friday, September 28, 2012

2nd Week of Ballet & Tap!

Second week of Ballet & Tap....Going strong! They ask EVERY single day, "is today the day for dance class??" :))

Let me introduce you to my teenager, Gabbie. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!??!?!? She looks crazy old in this picture. I just can't stop staring at it thinking "how did she get so old in just ONE week!??! 

And this is my other teenager, Jocelyn....but honestly, Gabbie looks SO much older to me in these pics than Jocie! Nuts!

This one ranks up there with one of my favorite all-time pics of them ever. I.LOVE.IT.  :)))

I actually had a picture taken with the girls. I know, I's a miracle! I'm always the one snapping and never the one actually IN the pics....well, atleast there is this ONE! :) Love these two girlies!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yessssss!!! I'm up-to-date!!!

OK, peeps- I have FINALLY caught up on blogging! I'm officially up-to-date (at least for today :)))) I am going to TRY to blog once a week at least so I can hopefully avoid getting MONTHS behind again. SO, make sure you keep clicking "older posts" at the bottom of each page b/c the momma just added like 20 new posts. NOT JOKING. ha! Enjoy!!

Ballet & Tap!!

This past week the girls started ballet & tap classes. To say they were excited is the understatement of the year!
Here they are getting ready to leave the house to go to class. 
Waiting for ballet to begin!

They had a BLAST and are SO excited about getting to go every week! I can't wait to see what all they learn!  I could just eat them up in these outfits!!

Richard & Brynn's Baby Shower!!

Our fabulous friends, Richard & Brynn are expecting their sweet baby girl, Olivia, in a few short weeks. Last week we had a couples shower for them.....

The talented, Sara, made the cake. It was super yummy and SO pretty!
Gorjo flowers!

Love you, friend! So excited for you guys!!

Yummy shower food!
Love these ideas!!  Notecards for guests to write advice or prayers for them and a canvas for all the guests to put their thumb print on to make the leaves for tree art for Olivia's room! Precious!!

The parents to be!!

The Ruble's dog was Suuuuuuper excited :)

I was in charge of taking photos during the shower with Brynn's really nice mac-daddy camera. Not sure who the tricky suspect was that obviously picked up mine and snapped this one :)

We can't wait to meet little Olivia!!

Shane's 20 Year Class Reunion!!

Last weekend we headed up to GA for Shane's 20 year class reunion. Even as I typed those words, it just seems CRAZY! I remember helping my MOM get ready for her 20 year reunion and thinking she was SOOOOOOO old! ha! 

We went up on Friday so we could make a Raider's football game (Shane's brother Bryan coaches, along with a few other good friends of ours). Here are the girlies enjoying their football nachos and cheese :))
Shane gave the devotional to the team before the game and of course stayed on the sidelines throughout the game. He totally went into "coach mode" :)

On Saturday, Gigi and HayHay took the girls to the Cabbage Patch Hospital. Did you know that the Cabbage Patch doll originates from Cleveland, GA which is about 20 minutes from Shane's hometown? Well, needless to say- they were SUPER PUMPED. AND of course, they came home with twin Cabbage Patch babies that they adopted ( I mean, they got real adoption papers, birth certificates, and everything!). They even got to name them. Guess what they named them?? Grace & Hope! That's the girls' middle names! Isn't that precious!! I love it. HayHay took some fabulous pics from their time there that I will be posting soon.

Here are Grace and Hope taking a nap (at least their babies nap since they refuse to!)

The mommies and their babies :)

Then it was off to Shane's class reunion!

Shane and two of his good friends from highschool, Shad and Neil.
Shad was Shane's best friend growing up. Here is Shad and his wife, Jan.

Heather and Shane were basically best friends growing up as well. They are pretty much the same exact person just opposite sex :) She is the sweet friend who painted the Initial canvases that are hanging over the girls' beds. She is too sweet. 

Class pic of everyone who attended the reunion. Shane graduated with like 350 people. I think they had about 75 or so come to the reunion. It was neat getting to meet people from his life that I had never gotten to meet before and as always at things like class reunions, there was plenty of entertainment and laughs going on. Fun times! 

Only 2 more years until my 20th! eeeeeeeeeeesh!!!! 

Strike that pose!

No words are needed for these pics..... :))))