Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Dance Uni's :)

Gigi got the girls new dance leotards & skirts. No words could describe their excitement :)

Greater Gulf State Fair- 2012

The Greater Gulf State fairgrounds is literally like 1 mile from our house. Every time we pass it the girls ask if it's time for the fair again yet. Well a few weeks ago, I finally was able to say YES!

They jumped on the cars right when we walked through the gate. Geeeeeez....I cannot imagine them being old enough to really drive....I'm sure I'm going to blink and it will be here....sniff, sniff, tear, tear....

Anxiously awaiting in line for the roller coaster :)

SOOOOO excited!!

They talked daddy into riding the bear with them. They SO look like teenagers here to me!!

Some friends decided to join us :)

Y.E.S. That is a corn dog. WHAT?!?!?!? 

SEE?!?! it really is a GIGANTOR corn dog!
Annnnnd they ate every last bit of those disgusting things!! :)
Family slide time!

Bumper Cars!

Blake on his first ride of the night!
Jake was just a tad bit excited!
as were the girls :)
Roller coaster time again....and with friends! 

Yes they are on the front row and yes their hands are up......CRAZY!


Goin' flyin'

Jocie is usually VERY afraid of feeding animals....but this night she didn't hesitate a bit.....Gab has always been the "animal whisperer" :)

Jake and Blake joined us on the animal tour as well....

Getting to ride "REEEEEAAAAAL" horsies!

They BEGGED us all night to let them ride this crazy, scary, lay-down-and-go-really-high-and-fast ride. We finally gave in. They are fearless. 

This pic can give you somewhat of an idea!! Geeeeez! When they got off they said "that was SOOOOOOO fun!!! Can we do it again??!?!?". Mind-boggling.

Ferris wheel!

One more time down the really big slide!

Ice cream to end a fantastically fun night!

Fall Harvest Party

A few weeks ago the girls had their Fall Harvest party at school. The room moms got everything set up while the kiddos were in the gym practicing some poems they were going to recite for the parents....
They were pumped about getting to share their 3 poems with all of us...
They all did such a great job!
Party time!
Silly girl!
Jude and Gabbie...
They made scarecrow cupcakes. As you can see Gabbie was analyzing the example one in the middle of the table to make sure she got hers perfect.....

Jocelyn looked at it once and just did her own thing :)
They were so proud of their work :)