Saturday, January 31, 2015

K-5 Graduation!

K-5 flew by this last year (kind of like 1st grade is flying by this year!). They both had a fantastic time in K-5.  Here are a few pics from their K-5 graduation last May.....

Sweet girls :)


Maw Maw with the girlies

Grandma Burch!

Gabbie & her teacher, Mrs. Hannon

 Jocie with her teacher, Mrs. Robbins

Sunday, January 25, 2015


The girls continue to LOOOOOVE gymnastics and get better and better each time they go. How did they get to be this looooooooong??!?

Field trip to the farm

The girls are obsessed with animals of any kind. They continually beg for horse or a rabbit or a dog or a cat or a hamster or a guinea pig or a bird or a fish.....ummmm, no. But, I totally support them getting their animal fix from time to time by going on a farm field trip. Yay.

Easter 2014

Family Easter pic :)

 We spent Easter in Jay with my fam. My cousin, Jordan, snapped these amazing photos of Grandma with her great-grands. I.LOVE.THESE.


 The grands that were there...

 The girlies with PawPaw

 And MawMaw

 Preston had already changed so much!

 All the kiddos ready for the egg hunt!

 Annnnnd they're off!


Always have to end the day with 4-wheeler rides!

Field Day 2014

The girls had a blast at their first Field Day last year! All the K5er's were partnered up with an older student so they would know what to do. Here's Jocie and her partner at their first event....

Gabs :)

 So focused :)

Gabbie DID NOT want to get wet :)

Look at that determined face! haha- love it!

Nice form Gab!

 Gots to work on Jocie's form :)

 There's that face again :)