Saturday, January 24, 2015

Azalea Trail 2014!

I love the ATR!! My fav race every year! And it was even more fabulous this go around because my awesome friend, Jennifer, was running her first ever 5K! I started training Jen in Jan 2014 and she has rocked it!

Shay & I have ran a zillion ATR's together! Fun.Fun.Fun.!

In all my past ATR years I have ran the 10K. And I love it. However, since I teach a qua billion classes a week, I never have time to just I decided to go with the 5K this time. I also know that I will never come close to placing in the 10K....there's just waaaaaaaaay to many psycho fast 10Ker's....but I was curious if I could maybe, perhaps, possibly place in the 5K. I always "pick" out someone right ahead of me to keep pace with.  From the start- I saw a few teeny bopper 14 year olds ahead of me that I knew I probably couldn't hang with the whole time. I then saw Lauren, who I knew had ran cross country at South and ran about at my pace so I decided she would be my target. I started to kick it in to crazy high gear and passed her right before the finish line....however, like 2 steps before the line- she leaned in and beat me....agggghhhhhh!! I was so ticked! haha. I'm not competitive at.all. However, I was still excited to learn that I had ran my best 5K time AND placed 5th overall! Eeeeekkk! Not bad I guess, but of course- it lit my fire for next time :)

Mine and Shay's annual post race pic!

The girlies :)

 Jen did awesome!!

Now onto the post race face-painting fun....

 Awards time!

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