Saturday, January 24, 2015

Biggest Loser Race

 Moorer YMCA, where I work as the Fitness Director, was chosen as the "Charity of Choice" for the Biggest Loser 5K/Half Marathon Race that took place in Mobile last February.  Being the charity of choice is a great thing b/c we get a portion of each person's registration fee that signs up for the race. However, it also means that we provide all 150 volunteers for the race, plan and organize the pre-race expo, the race, basically everything,  etc. etc. etc. Soooo, in other words- I had the opportunity of putting this whole thing together (waaaaaay more work than what you may think!). I learned a ton through it and I'm thankful I have that experience under my belt now for future events like this. There was a great turnout for both the 5K and the Half and the weather was totally perfect (which is a gigantor PLUS). Here are the half-marathon runners getting ready to start....

 I had so much going on with making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be, etc that I didn't think I would be able to run in the race. However, right before the 5K started- I decided to just hop in and give a go...I mean- I would be back in a few minutes anyway since it was just a 5K.

To my massive surprise- I won!! I mean, I knew I was running a good pace and I really had not paid attention to who/what was around me during the race- but when I turned the corner and heard over the load speaker..."here comes our female winner"....I was like, WHAT!?!? And then I got a little excited :)

Some of my Y class peeps!

It was cool getting to meet some of the former Biggest Loser contestants. Super inspirational!

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