Monday, June 25, 2012

Bye-Bye K-3

I can't believe the girls are done and K-3 and will be in entering K-4 in just a couple of months! Insane. Here are some pics from their last day of K-3 and their end-of-the-year parties....

Gabbie anxiously awaiting for her ice cream....
Gabbie and her "best fwend in her class", Mary Linda :)
Chocolate syrup time!
Across the hall, Jocie was already enjoying her ice cream, chocolate syrup and M &Ms :)

Oh, and LOTS of whipped creme :)))

Gabbie eating some sprinkles for dessert after her ice cream lunch :)

She LOVES making the "fishy face" :)
She LOVES her some Mrs. Hope....
Mrs. Hope has been Jocie's teacher for 2 years now....not sure what she is gonna do when she is not her K-4 teacher!
Time for the goodie buckets!

Jocie's class....


Gabbie and her teacher, Mrs. Diane :)
Bye-Bye K-3....Here we come K-4!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stop it! You are growing up way too fast!!

Is it me or do they look 16 in these pics????? I can't take it!! Ahhhhh!
(P.S. These adorable dresses/scarves were the girls bday presents from Aunt Julia and Uncle Lance- too cute!)

Mother's week early :)

When we got back home after Steph's surprise party, the girls told me they had something for me. Shane said, "Well, I told them to wait until tomorrow, but they really want to give them to you now". I in turn am thinking....what's tomorrow? What could they possibly be wanting to give to me. I only think this though, I don't actually say it out loud.  A few seconds later, the girls appear with a potted plant, a balloon, and two cards and scream "Happy Mudder's Day, Mommy!!". Yes, I am very confused at this point but I hug them and say thank you and then turn to Shane and say, "Mother's Day isn't until next weekend." He then says back to me, "No it's not. It's tomorrow." I say, "No, really, it's not tomorrow. It's next Sunday. I promise." He says, "NO IT'S NOT. I looked at my calendar. It's tomorrow. Why would I get this stuff for you a week early?" I say, "I don't really know, but you did". He says, (with his voice very adamant) "Mother's Day is always the weekend of our Anniversary, so I KNOW it's tomorrow." I say, "Yes, that's right. And our anniversary is not until this Tuesday and  Mother's Day always follows our anniversary." He says, (still NOT believing that he is a week early), "Well, I don't believe you. I'm not an idiot. I looked at the calendar and it said it's tomorrow." I say, "Well, it's not till next Sunday, but thanks so much anyways :))))". He goes and looks at his calendar again so he can prove me wrong. He then hangs his head and says, "I'm an idiot.". I then say,  "BETTER a week early, than a week late." :) It was hilarious.

The girls were SOOOO excited about the plant and the cards they picked out for me....

It was SO funny to see the cards they got for me. They TOTALLY exemplified their personalities to a T!  Here is Gabbie's....Beautiful, elegant, shiny, with a "very boodiful butterfly" on the front, tied with a bow...very serious message. TOTALLY Gabbie....

She signed her name (upside down :) and drew hearts on it for me :))))

ANNNNND....then there's Jocie's.....with a cat on the front....
and when you opened the card this crazy group of dogs and cats start dancing and singing the loud, crazy song and Joc starts laughing histerically. TOTALLY Jocie! They are SO different and I LOVE it!  She signed her name, too, you just can't see it very well in the pic. 

The next morning Shane let me sleep in for an extra hour (THANK YOU JESUS) and when I got up he was in the kitchen making HOMEMADE whole wheat waffles. He even had looked up on-line to find out how to make homemade buttermilk to go in them. WHAT??!?! When I looked at him with a very happy, but surprised look he responds, "Well, since I'm already a week early, I just decided to go ahead and finish it all out so I don't have to worry about doing anything next weekend!" Ha! Great Mother's Day....even if it was a week early :))))

HayHay and Gigi came down the next weekend (actual Mother's Day weekend :) and they took the girlies to the store and they picked out these GIGANTOR butterfly balloons for me....SO sweet :)

Steph turns 30 / Cinco De Mayo all in one!!

On May 5th we got to celebrate with Stephanie's 30th surprise birthday party which was, of course, cinco-de-mayo themed.  Ashley did an awesome job on the cake....
The food was INCREDIBLE. Yes, that is Pilger trying to jump out of the picture since he was standing by the table devouring the 7-layer dip. :)

Happy Cinco-de-mayo!! (yes, the glasses are empty :)
Happy Cinco-de-mayo from the Gabster....
Waiting for Steph to arrive....

Explaining how she wasn't REALLY that surprised because she had put 2 and 2 together....
BUT....she was happy we were all there :)
Gab def. enjoyed the celebration :)

Happy 13 years!!

On May 8th Shane and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. That.Is.Nuts. Part of me feels like we just got married yesterday and then the other part of me can't remember when we weren't married. It's crazy. Man....what a 13 years it has been. SO many memories. Hysterical laughs. Sorrowful tears. Seeing the Lord move mountains. Walking through valleys I thought would never end. Still walking through some of those valleys. Working together in ministry seeing so many lives transformed right before our eyes. Many a summer spent in PCB, FL. Getting to travel across the world together. Joy. Pain. Loss....of a student....of a father...of a baby. HOPE. Seeing the Lord answer our prayers....and even giving us two instead of just one :). Redeeming and still redeeming our stories......13 are a special gift to me, Shane. I don't tell you that nearly enough. You love me so well. I'm beyond grateful for you. I pray we have many, many more messy years together :)

Shane surprised me for our anniversary (well, actually a few days before our anniversary since he would be working all day and night on that day). He told me that morning to be ready to go at about 4pm and that a babysitter would be showing up then. I LOVE when the man finds a sitter. That could have been my entire anniversary gift right there. The end. BUT- it wasn't, there was even more! SO, I was ready to go at 4 to where ever it was we were going.....
COUPLE'S MASSAGE!! YES!! If anyone EVER needs to know what to get me for any kind of gift- the answer is always a MASSAGE. Good going, Shane. PERFECT start to the evening.

Waiting to get called back....
And this is what I got....A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
Next we headed to Fuego for Happy Hour.....2nd PERFECT! Happy Hour means a cheap but delicious marg......or fruity marg if you are Shane :)

And half-priced these DE-LISH Fuego rolls-YUM.

But, of course, Shane had to have some Fajitas as know an appetizer isn't gonna fill him up :)  They were the bizz-om fajitas, though....super awesome.

Then we just hung out until it was time to go to the 3rd event of our anniversary date night.... the movies to see The Lucky One! I had been wanting to see it since it came out so I was super pumped! And it did not disappoint. Can't wait till it's on redbox so I can see it again :)
INCREDIBLE surprise anniversary date night, Shane. You have set the bar high for yourself for future May 8th's! :))) I love you! Oh, and P.S....An enormo thank you to the Fonti Fam for babysitting for our very long date. Ya'll are da bomb. Period.

Micah turns 3!

Happy 3rd birthday Micah!

Annie and Scott with baby Shep-Shep (aka- mutie-mute!)
Nick and sweet Caroline...

The birthday boy!

Cupcake time!

The brotha is focused :)
Get ready.....
The Gabster hates cupcakes....just hates them...

"Back off picture lady! I'm trying to eat my cupcake in peace!"
Group-effort gift opening time!

Big brother helping him out.... :)

Pretty sure Hudson just told a joke and is laughing at himself ;)