Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amy put bows in the girls' hair the other day for the first time. (Sometimes I wonder if I would ever think to do anything for the first time if it wasn't for Amy :) The girls thought it was way cool to have bows in their hair and they looked so grown-up!!

Jocelyn LOVES the camera these days....

Last weekend we went to Georgia for an appreciation luncheon we had at Shane's home church. The plane rides are much harder these days b/c the girls want to get down and run around (which they obviously can't do). We also have to sit in seperate aisles b/c there is a rule that only one infant can sit per aisle due to the number of air masks available. I had Gabbie on this trip and Shane had Jocelyn. Shane had an extra seat next to him (must have been nice....) for Jocelyn to sit in, play in, or whatever. She actually wanted to sit in the seat with her seat belt buckled like a big girl. While Jocelyn was being a big girl, Gabbie was peeing out of her diaper all over my lap a few aisles back. Nice. Very Nice.

While we were there we were able to go to a Raider football game. It's the first one we've gotten to go to since the girls were born. Shane's brothers both coach football at their highschool. Shane's dad was the football coach and athletic director for many, many years. The stadium and the athletic complex are named after him. I'm so glad we got to go to a game. Shane stands (and pretends to coach) on the sidelines during the game. They had a big victory that night so everyone was in a fantastic and celebratory mood afterwards, which is always fun :). Here are some pics of us and the girls in front of the stadium and field house.

This is a picture in the field house of Shane's dad leading the team onto the field during his coaching years. It's Shane's favorite picture of his dad. His dad was such an awesome man. He left such a lasting mark on so many people...what a heritage and legacy...I wish the girls could have met their Grandpa Black. I'm glad that Shane's family loves to tell stories and they will know him well through all the great stories of his dad.

Katie (a fabulous friend of ours) and her boyfriend, Ben, drove from Birmingham to spend the weekend with us in Georgia. We had SOOOOO much fun! There were several times that the girls thought Ben was Shane and ran up to him....only to realize that he wasn't daddy...they do favor quite a bit, especially in person. Thank you guys for coming! It was awesome to see ya'll!!

The girls love to play in bins, boxes, etc etc. They love to get in the SAME bin even if there are several others around. Jocelyn decided to bodyslam Gabbie. They both thought it was hilarious.

This is the girls' first ever art work. On Wednesdays they go to art class at the YMCA. I cried when they ran out to show me their masterpieces. I just can't get anymore beautiful than this....

Below is a picture of a small miracle....Jayden, Jocelyn, and Gabbie all playing with the SAME toy at the SAME time and NOT FIGHTING. This only lasted for a few minutes...but a small miracle indeed :) Glad I was quick on the camera grab to catch it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This and That...

I walked into our bathroom the other day and this is what I found....hummmm, wonder who could be responsible for this???

Indoor sandbox? cool idea. Glad it's not in my house.

I took the girls to an indoor playground type thingy one rainy afternoon. To say they loved it would be an understatment...

At what age do children stop being obsessed with having things in their mouths??? just wondering...

Climbing up the slide all by myself!!

Going down the slide all by myself!!

I think she went a little faster than she expected :)

Taking a break at the park..

Gabbie trying to do a flip up the slide... funny

Of course their favorite part of the park was this mulch area...go figure...

Tonite the girls were playing while I cleaned up the kitchen. All of the sudden I realized it was quiet. That is NEVER a good sign. I peeked over the bar and saw this and for once was shocked that something was not in the process of being was SOOOO cute...they had brought two boppy pillows into the living room (they think the boppy pillows are chairs) and pulled them up to each other and were sitting there sipping on their drinks having a heart to heart (in their own special language)....too precious! Jocelyn is really into grinning for the camera these days :)

18 month stats

The girls had their 18 month appt yesterday (there is NO way they are already 18 months old...seriously!!?!). They were smiling and laughing while we were in the waiting room. The nurse called us back and as we turned the corner to go to the room...they REALIZED where they were and went absolutely psycho! I am so glad Shane was able to come with me b/c I definitely would not have been able to contain them by myself! I hate that they are now old enough to "know" that we are at the doctor and that being at the doctor usually means shots...yikes! Doctor visits will be way fun from now on... :)

Everything looked great on both of them. They had the lovely hand, mouth, and foot disease a couple of weeks ago (extremely enjoyable for both child and parent I might add...). They are finally totally over that. The doctor said that you would never think that they were ever preemie babies because they have caught up so well. I am so very thankful for that!

Here are their stats:

Jocelyn: Weight- 24 lbs 4 oz
Height - 32 inches long

Gabbie: Weight - 24 lbs 4 oz
Height - 32 inches long

YES, they are exactly the same size! Isn't that crazy?! I would have never thought it. I mean they are twins and all but wow...the exact same...funny.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Play Time!

About 8 months ago, I joined a multiples group here in Orlando called GOMOTT (Greater Orlando Mothers of Twins and Triplets). They have monthly meetings and weekly playgroups. I've really enjoyed meeting others moms that can relate to where I am in this crazy journey! Several weeks ago they had their summer party at this place called IPEZ. It was one of those places that have the indoor blown-up jumpy things. The girls had a BLAST! Here they are playing with a set of boy twins their same age.

Oviedo (the city where we live) has an amazing aquatic center. This is the kids splash zone. The girls absolutely love it.

Daddy and Gabbie going down the slide

Daddy and Jocelyn...please notice that they have the EXACT same expression on their faces!

Here are the kiddos playing Demetrius' drum. Gabbie decided to get some individual practice time :)

The girls love drawing pictures outside with sidewalk chalk. On this particular day, Gabbie decided to take every single piece of chalk and pile it on her bouncy chair that she found stored in the garage. She then decided to draw pictures on the chair. Nice.

Jocelyn trying to eat the flower....while she sits on Gabbie's pile of chalk...

This is one of the play dates I went to with GOMOTT last week. It was at this really cool place called Amaya Papaya. It was this huge room that all a bunch of "themed" play areas. The girls had a blast. It was so funny seeing a bunch of twins and triplets running wild all in the same room :)

Grocery shopping....

Playing with some fellas... Gabbie is such a flirt..

Three's a least Jocelyn thinks so :)

On Wednesdays I go to a playgroup with the other two moms in our church that also have fraternal twin girls that are one month younger than my girls. We decided to take them swimming last week. Wow, what an adventure that was! After many tries, I finally got all 6 of them in one picture! Yes, mine are the ones with no clothes on. I have decided that putting on bathing suits is too much work :)

Gran came to visit us this past weekend. Above, Jocelyn is showing off her new green crocks that Gran got her and Gabbie.

Jocelyn loves to chill....

One thing I love about Orlando is all the fabulous parks and splash pads that they have. The girls were trying to get Gran to play in the water with them :)

Gran also took the girls to Monkey Joe's...another one of those indoor bouncy places. They had so much fun!