Sunday, June 29, 2008

Night Owls

So, we got our hopes up about the whole "sleeping through the night" thingy since the girls slept till 6:30am the night before....HOWEVER, they chose to grace us with their crying voices at 3:00am this morning. We think we have figured out what is going on....after we put them down around 10:30pm or so, they secretly have a "sister meeting" and talk to each other in their "secret language" through the crib bedding and decide what their plan is for that particular night. They love variety and spontaneity and they ingeniously plan to rotate each night who wakes up first so that we don't see a pattern or anything in one of them. It's really a brilliant scheme they have going for such young little humans. SO, the adventure never ends....I'm sure we'll look back on this "sleep-deprived season" one day and laugh about it (atleast that's what I tell myself in the middle of the night). But until then, we will be known as the "night owls"...the hooting never ends :)

I forgot to say who was who in the pictures....Jocelyn is the blue-eyed, Gabrielle has the big brown eyes

Saturday, June 28, 2008

OK...i FINALLY got a blog...

Well, I did it. I got a blog. I know my blogger friends will be so excited! Now we'll see if I will actually have time to use it :).

We are trying to get settled down here in Orlando. We love our new house and our new roomates, Demetrius, Amy, and Jayden Summerville. The trip down here with the girls was SO horrible that I have vowed to never go anywhere in the car with them again atleast until they are in elementary school.

Shane starts seminary on July 14th. We are TRYING to get the girls in a semi-consistent routine before he gets going with school so that I will not go completely insane! They are adjusting pretty well to everything down here. They actually slept till 6:30am this morning....which was a BLESSING FROM THE LORD ABOVE!! We are praying that they continue on that pattern :) They are growing so fast and laughing more each day. They crack me up for sure. We are SO blessed to have them.

Well, hopefully this won't be my only post I ever write on here....we shall see.... :)

Our girls

I'm SO sister kept me up ALL night!

I FINALLY found my fingers to suck mom & dad are SO happy :)

I can't hear you....I can't hear you....

Our brown-eyed girl...

I look just like my daddy, just with blue eyes...