Sunday, November 10, 2013

Greater Gulf State Fair 2013

The girls have been counting down the days to the fair since the day we went last year :) No words can describe their excitement. They ride EVERYTHING and have NO FEAR. It amazes me. They immediately wanted to start off with the roller coaster upon arrival!!

The Spivey's joined us for the Fair festivities this year…..they all had a BLAST.

This one went REALLY high in my opinion….but like I said…they are FEARLESS.

Gabbie in the driver's seat…SHOCKING.

Morgan with a HERD of children :) Thank you JESUS for not letting Lily FLY OUT of this ride. Seriously.

A good friend of mine, Anna, and her boyfriend, Jesse, also met up with us. What they didn't know was that they were going to get to ride all the rides with the girls b/c they paid for armbands….and the momma and daddy did not :))))))) Not too shabby of a deal if you ask me!! 

The yearly ferris-wheel family pic. Geeeeez….they are growing up!! Tear, tear, tear….

Another fabulous fair night in the books!

USA Homecoming Parade 2013!

They love them some Jags!

All the kiddos with the "really cool Jaguar!"...
Anxiously awaiting for the parade to start!

Here they come!!
The Marching Band!

South Paw!!

Boxing out for the candy!!

The Azalea Trail maids…. Gabbie's dream :)

Me! Me! Me! Me!!!!!!

The floats get better and better each year!!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

The girls had their first field trip of the year to a pumpkin patch up in Saraland. They were split up in their classes, so the momma was running back and forth trying to spend time with and snap pics of them….thus…I didn't catch all the special moments of each of them :(….nonetheless, they had a blast!

Jocie's class getting ready to decorate their baby pumpkins….they are all listening so intently to the lady explaining the directions :)

Gabbie showing me the "very strange looking" pumpkin….

She looks SO old. I can't handle it!

Total cuteness.

yep….that's a Gabbie face...

Jocie and her bestie classmates :)

Gab's class


Jocie's class


 One of my bosses at the Y gave me some free circus tickets a few weeks back. The girls were PUMPED.

Corn dogs were a must….eeeeewwwwww….

I really didn't know what to expect with the traveling circus….but the acts were actually pretty good!
ESPECIALLY all the "in the air" ones….seriously….crazy talented!

The girls both said they wanted to be "THAT!!!!" when they grew up :) yay.

Tightrope walkers….with no net or anything….I'm not gonna lie…my pits were sweatin' a good bit during their act….SO nerve-racking!! They were awesome.

Random family riding an elephant….seeing how we weren't going to ride the elephant b/c we would have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it! Soooo, we just lived vicariously thru this elephant riding family….
We ran into one of the girls' good friends, Camille!

The girls also loved the elephant show….

Good times at the circus!!