Monday, July 28, 2008


AHHHHHH! so, for the last few nights, I haven't been able to instead of just laying in my bed and crying, I decided to get on here and atleast distracts me for a while from my insomnia. What really stinks is that the girls are FINALLY sleeping through the night (apart from Gabby rolling over a few times and screaming, which, by the way, she hasn't made a peep tonite...go figure) and I CAN'T SLEEP!!! what is up with that?!?!!? For months I've been praying for them to sleep at night and now that they are....I can't! It's currently 5:38am and I woke up at 1:30 and haven't been able to fall back asleep. SOOOOO, I beg all of you to PRAY for me to be able to sleep. I would GREATLY appreciate it. I'm already very overwhelmed and when you add no sleep to the mix, it's not a pretty picture. I'm going to stop writing now b/c in the state I am in...there is no telling what I might say :), hopefully, I will not be writing on here anymore in the middle of the night.....hopefully.....

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Gabby having tummy time...look at those BIG brown eyes!

Jocelyn not only looks like Shane, but definitely has his layed-back personality!

Jocelyn LOVES to talk to her daddy

Amy and I decided to dress the girls up in these outfits and take pictures before they out-grown them. They ended up looking like Laura and Mary Ingles off of Little House on the Prairie :)

Jocelyn having tummy time

The girls have started to notice one another and also have enjoyed playing on their mat together...they continue to be amazed by "the star" :)

Shane's mom, "Gran", came to visit last week. The girls LOVED playing with their Gran and can't wait for her to take them shopping one day! :)

Poop Belt

Ever since the girls were born, I have been truly amazed at the amount of poop that can come out of such a small body (I mean...they were 4 pounds when they were born and could poop a gallon....seriously, that is unbelievable). They both have had some massive explosions during their 41/2 month lifetime, but none compare to Jocelyn's poop yesterday. She was sitting in her bouncy chair (by the way, the girls only poop when they are sitting in their bouncy chairs...I think they think it is their's hilarious) and she started grunting. I then hear the usual explosion noise (she has loud poops, Gabby's are silent, but deadly). Usually their is one big explosion noise, however, this time there were atleast 4 or 5. She then made a huge sigh of relief and proceeded to play with her toys and laugh as I finished feeding Gabby. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty, but I did not expect what I found when I picked her up out of her bouncy.....She has a poop belt all the way around her was unbelievable....the poop had not only completely filled her diaper, but had exploded out the entire top of her diaper and through her clothes. Shane walked in the door just in time for me to hand her to him for him to have the lovely privilege of cleaning up her entire body. She thought it was quite hilarious and enjoyed every minute of laying in her own poop...she even rubbed her two white socks in it. No amount of wipes would have handled the to the sink we had to go... I've included a couple of pics so that you, too, may enjoy seeing the amazing poop belt....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cute Pics

Shane having some "special time" with Gabrielle


Getting a's their favorite thing to do!


Jocelyn FINALLY found her thumb!!! Yay!!
No more "Paci-duty"!!

Everyday Amy and I play "dress-up" with the girls...
This time it didn't go so well... :)

Our cute little lady bugs!!

School Supplies....

So, Shane started classes yesterday (for those of you who don't know, he is going to seminary to get his masters in counseling). By the way, he has not been in school in 11 years, so this is a big deal! Well, the day before classes started, I asked him if he needed any school supplies or special food to take for his lunch (I felt like my little boy was about to start kindergarten:) . He said, "yeah, I guess I might need a notebook or something and yeah, get me some cheese nips, fruit roll-ups and, and a new Transformers lunch box while your at it". Well, that night, I had to go to Target to buy another swing for the girls, so I told Shane I would pick him up a notebook while I was there. Since he is left-handed, he asked me to get him a notebook that folded from the top and not from the side. When I got to Target and looked, they didn't have any ones that folded from the top, so I called him to tell him that and ask him if he wanted me to get one of the regular kinds. He said sure and we hung up the phone. I then went back to the baby department to look for a swing and found one like the other one we have except it had bunny rabbits on the top of it and the one we have has bumble bees on it. I called Shane to ask him if he wanted me to get that one. This was our conversation...

Me: Hey, they have one with bunny rabbits on it. Do you want me to get it?
Shane: Heck no! I don't want one with bunny rabbits on it!! (I am, why does he care so much about the swing having bunny rabbits on it???)
Me: What's the big deal about it having bunny rabbits on it?
Shane: I can't believe you are asking me that! I DO NOT want bunny rabbits!
Me: I already have one with bumble bees on it, I don't see why bunny rabbits is a huge deal...
Shane: I don't want one with bumble bees or bunny rabbits on it!
Me: We already have the one with bumble bees on it!
Shane: What are you talking about?
Me: The swing! What are you talking about??
Shane: OH! I thought you were talking about the notebook you were going to buy me for school! I thought you actually were asking me if I cared if you bought me a notebook with bunny rabbits on it for my first day of seminary!
Me: Do you REALLY think I would want you to have a bunny rabbit notebook?? I mean seriously.... (as I am bent over in Target laughing outloud)

Anyways, the conversation was probably WAY more hilarious when it was actually happening verses me trying to re-tell it on here, but I thought I'd share it anyway because it made me laugh really hard....

Well, I did get him off to his first day of school and even packed some really cool snacks in his Transformer lunch box (or walmart bag :) He loved his first day of class and took lots of notes to share with his bunny rabbit notebook, or course.....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cute Pics

Look at our cute engraved bracelets!

Daddy loves us SO much!

We LOVE bath time!
(Gabrielle is above, Jocelyn below)

I LOVE the star on the playmat. It's my new best friend :)

Nursery Pics

Here is some pics of the girl's nursery in our new house.
The canvases on the wall were painted by Heather Cody, a good friend of ours from Shane's home town. Each one has the girl's initial on it and what their name means.
Jocelyn means "joy cometh"
Gabrielle means "strength of God"

watermelon pics

Gabrielle wanted the watermelon all to herself!

Jocelyn is so excited about eating her first watermelon!

We love to dress up!

Watermelon & a Movie

When you ask Shane what his favorite food is, you will get a variety of answers because he has many favorite foods (everyone who know him can definitely attest to that). When you ask me what my favorite food is...there is one word...WATERMELON! Yes, I know that is probably a little odd, but if I could eat one thing everyday for the rest of my life, I would choose watermelon. I can literally eat a entire watermelon in one sitting (of course, that is before I had the girls b/c if I chose to do that now, their stomachs would never be the same :) I love watermelon so much that for the past zillion beach projects, I have been the designated watermelon cutter-upper for the beach olympics/watermelon social...I was very sad to miss that this year, by the way, even though my wrist didn't mind not cutting up 10 big watermelons. ANYWAYS....moving thing I have missed so much the past "forever" months is just having time to sit down and watch a movie. It's one of my favorite things to do with Shane, but it's been absolutely impossible since the girls have been here. Side note...I realized the other day that I DO NOT remember the past 3 or so's like it's all a blur or a fog...its weird. I guess that's what sleep deprivation does to you...anyway, end of side note...SO, why am I writing about this??? Well, this week two huge things happened...I purchased my first watermelon of the year (it was FABULOUS, by the way) and yesterday we actually watched a MOVIE! I thought I wouldn't be able to do anything like that until atleast December (I don't know why I chose December, but it sounded nice). Our roomates, Demetrius and Amy, rented Great Debaters and we all sat down and watched it. Of course, we had to pause it a few times so I could feed the girls, etc., but the fact that we actually watched a movie was definitely an incredible miracle! So, instead of "dinner and a movie", this week is titled "watermelon and a movie" because I got to do two of my very favorite things! I also introduced the girls to their first watermelon as well. I think they are going to like it as much as their mom! :)