Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quotes to remember

So for about 6 months now I have been jotting down things the girls have said that I wanted to remember. I didn't mean for 6 months to pass before I posted them, but as we all know, time just seems to fly by and here I am 6 months later finally writing them on here. I LOVE reading friends' blogs or FB pages that have funny quotes from their kids on there. I've been waiting for the day when mine would say hilarious one-liners or "make me pee-my-pants" conversations. Here are some of those that I want to post so that I will remember them :)

1. Me: Gabbie I can't believe how tall and big you are getting! When you were a baby you were so itty bitty and now look how big you are!?!?
Gabbie: I big now, Momma?
Me: Yes, you are SOOOO big!
Gabbie: Does that mean I can drive now???

2. Me: Gabbie you better NOT pee-pee in your pants (as she holds herself swearing she doesn't have to got potty). You need to go pee-pee in the potty right now.
Gabbie: I don't have to pee-pee.
Me: Yes you do. You better go pee in the potty. Little girls only pee-pee in the potty, not in their pants.
Gabbie: Yea mommy, I can only go pee-pee in the potty OR in the grass.
(Awesome. When we would be swimming at a pool or playing at a park and the potty was too far away, I would have them just pee in the grass. Now she thinks that's normal :)

3. (during our MANY night-time going-to-bed battles) Me: Gabbie, are you telling mommy the truth? Do you really have to go pee-pee?
Gabbie: Yes, I have to pee-pee.
Me: Because if you are lying to mommy, I am going to have to spank you and take pinkle baby (her FAVORITE baby) away for the night. Do you understand??
Gabbie: Yes, mommy. I have to go pee-pee.
(Go to the bathroom. She sits there for 5 minutes and doesn't pee. I KNOW that she lied and so does she)
Me: Gabbie did you lie to mommy?
Gabbie: (After a few seconds of silence) Yes.
Me: What has to happen since you lied to mommy?
Gabbie: I don't want a spank! Please don't take my pinkle baby!!! (said in complete desperation)
Me: I have to discipline you because you lied Gabbie. God does not want us to lie. I love you too much to let you lie to mommy. You have to learn to tell the truth.
Gabbie: (dramatically weeping at this point) mommyyyyyyyyy....call me Grace, mommy, pleeeeeease.
Me: What??
Gabbie: Call me Grace!
(Shane walks in and hears all of this going down)
Me: What do you mean, call you Grace?
Gabbie: Like daddy did, mommy, call me Grace and let me keep my pinkle baby....
Shane: Ummmm, I think she means "show me grace" b/c the other night she lied to me and chose to "show her grace" and not give her a spank and take her baby away.
Gabbie: yea, that's it. Call me Grace, Mommy, PLEEEEASE.

4. (Jocelyn woke up early from her nap. Gabbie was still sleeping. After a while, I needed to wake Gabbie up b/c she had been asleep for so long and I wanted her to be able to go to sleep at a decent hour that night) Me: No, Jocie, let me go in there by myself to wake Gabbie up b/c she may get scared.
Jocie: (laughing) Mommy, I Jocie. I not a dragon!

5. Jocie (running inside from being in the backyard): Mommy!!! Look come outside!! I found a roller coaster!!!
Me: You found a what?
Jocie: A roller coaster!!! Hurry mommy! Come see!
Me: Ok (very curious to see the roller coaster she found in the backyard)
Jocie (holding up a small bucket with a little worm thingy in it): See mommy! A roller coaster!!
Me: Oh, Jocie, I think you mean a roly poly!

6. Preface: Many of you know that Shane played football in college and used to work out with really heavy weights and such back then. One of his big fears is developing "man boobs"...aka...you have big firm chest muscles while you are working out, but then when you stop working out as much, the chest muscles can become saggy and take on the appearance of "man boobs".
Shane is in the bedroom changing clothes and doesn't have a shirt on.
Jocie (walks in and starts laughing and pointing): Daddy!! your boobies look like pineapples!!
Shane: Great. I have man boobs. Awesome.

7. Shane (putting Gabbie to bed): Night-night Gabbie. See you in the morning.
Gabbie: Night-night daddy.
Shane (stepping on something in the dark): Ouch!!
Gabbie: Did you get hurt daddy??
Shane: No, baby, I'm ok. I just stepped on something on the floor because I can't see since the light is off.
Gabbie: Yea, daddy, you can't see because your eyes are dark.

8. Shane: ok, girls, what did we say this first candle meant about Jesus? (Talking about advent)
Gabbie: Ummmmmm
Jocie: Ummmmmm
Shane: Remember, we lit it and said it meant Jesus was......
Gabbie: Ummmmm
Jocie: Ummmmm
Shane: Remember...Jesus isn't darkness, He is.....
Jocie: I know daddy!! Jesus is SUNNY!!!!
Shane (laughing hard): yes, Joc, I guess that is the same thing as Light :)

9. Jocie (after sitting in the same position on the couch for a good while): ahhhhhh!! Daddy!! come here and help me!!
Shane: What's wrong?
Jocie: Help my leg! (As she is rubbing her leg with both of her hands)
Shane: What did you do to it?
Jocelyn: Nothing, daddy! It just has bugs and rice on it!! (first time her leg had ever went to sleep and that's how she described it :)

10. (as we are doing the advent candle and talking about how the wise men gave baby Jesus gifts when they came to see him)
Me: What gift would you want to give to Jesus if you had been there when he was born?
Jocie (without hesitating for even a second): A Popsickle!!!
Gabbie: I would give him a soft brown bear!

I LOVE hearing what comes out of their mouths these days (minus the talking back, screaming, fighting, arguing, etc :). I hope to post quotes more frequently as they happen vs. waiting for months at a time :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Fun & New Years in the Sham

A few days after Christmas day we loaded up the sexy van and headed to the Sham to spend a few days with Shane's family. Thankfully, the drive there wasn't near as horrendous as the drive we had there back on the day before Thanksgiving. I would dare say the girls did better than they EVER have in the car on the way up. Thank you Jesus :)

Immediately after arriving it was open presents time! The girls gave the Christmas ornament that they made Uncle Bryan and Aunt Marcia Lynn....
and Uncle Lance and Aunt Julia (SOOOO sad that Aunt Julia wasn't able to be in GA until the day we left :( We missed you so much!
Gigi's turn....

Gigi giving Jocie a thank-you hug for their Christmas ornament....

The girls "helping" HayHay open his gift :)
Then the girls decided to open some of theirs....
and they had a crowd watching them :) We were excited to find out that Marcia Lynn's sister, Joyce, and her son, Collin, were there visiting. SO great to see them!

Baby strollers!!!
Christmas socks!
Ripping them open!!
New pink sparkly shoes!!!
Helping Gigi :)
and HayHay....
HayHay modeling his new jacket...
Fun games from Uncle Lance and Aunt Julia!
Gigi showing off her new exercise shirt....

Gabbie loves her new headband....
Ladybug sleeping bags, tents, and flashlights! Yea, they were pretty excited :)
Cute new outfit....
Time to help Uncle Bryan :)

Last but not least.....
A kitchen!!!

They were mesmerized!
Time to bake some cookies :)
After they played with some of their Christmas presents, they headed upstairs to check out the playroom that Gigi had set up for them....
Feeding their babies :)

The bunnies had the tea party already set up and ready to go :)
Excited about the baby carriers....

Then it was time to cook again....
Uncle Lance & Uncle Bryan volunteered to put their new tents together. Fun times :)
They have always worked so well together ;)
Letting Gabbie go in and try it out....
She wasn't very excited.... ;)

Time to put tent #2 together....whoop whoop!
Jocie thought it was so cool that she could see out the top...

Gettin' comfortable....
Marcia Lynn and Joyce freezing their booties off :)
Goin' for a spin....
The 3 stooges....
Taking their new bears for a walk in their new strollers....

Uncle Bryan gettin' Gabs....
HayHay's yard and landscaping looks almost as good as ours...haha ;)
Play-doh time...thanks to Uncle Bryan and Aunt Marcia-Lynn!
It was super chilly while we were there. The girls def. don't have to get bundled up like this very often in Mobile....

Jocie giving me the "I love you" hand signal :) Not sure where she learned it, but she does it all the time now. SO cute.

Camp-out time!

On New Years Eve, we took the girls out to the high school so they could run around the football field and expend some of their ridiculous amount of energy. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day to be outside....sunny and upper 60's. PERFECT!
It's so very cool that the field is named after Shane's dad. He told the girls about it when we got there :)
Hey...it's never too early to start making them run stadiums.... :)
When Gabbie saw the mascot sign she yelled out, "Daddy!! There's a scary pirate inside that house!!" :)

Picnic time!
Shane teaching the girls some football moves ;)
They loved it....
It's so neat to hear Shane tell stories about growing up and being on the football field with his dad everyday since he can remember. Such special memories.....
Gabbie refusing to look at the camera....
She finally gave in (well, kind of :)
Sweet Jocie...
Going to walk on the "wall with the willy big sword!"

Later that day Aunt Beth stopped by to visit and brought Linda a homemade "Redneck wine glass"....SOOOO cute!!

For the past several years, Bryan and Marcia Lynn have a New Years Eve party at their house. Last year was the first one we have gotten to go to and it was SO fun because we got to see several friends that we had not seen in years. This year was equally fantastic!

Low-county boil....AMAZING. Big shout out to Donny Ballgame for cookin' this up for everyone!
Uncle Lance....focused. :)
Happy New Year pic...several hours early....cause this mama and daddy don't stay up till midnight since the kiddos rise at the buttcrack :)
Some college friends, Matt & Carrie got to come this year and we got to meet their 2 daughters, Lucy & Molly, for the first time ever. Molly and the girls hit it off. They made up all kind of games and activities together....jumping was involved in most of them, of course :)

Molly would jump off the stool and do a complete belly-buster/face-buster onto the pillows. It was hilarious.

And we must not forget the "take every pillow from the house and stack it up against the wall" game :)

Their finale: Ring around the Rosies, of course!
Whew!!! Time for a breather!!
Shane with Mama Blu and Donny Ballgame. Love these two! (I mean, three if I'm counting Shane, too :)
There just not much better than hanging out and catching up with friends, especially ones you haven't seen in forever....
HayHay & Gigi!
Me and Kimmie!! Kim was in my first discipleship group I had here when we came on staff with C.O. WAY back in the day.....GEEEEEEZ. I am old. Oh, Kimmie, SO fabulous to see you!!
Iris & Kim. Iris will be getting married to Brad George sometime this year! Congrats you guys!!
All the fellas....

Silly boys...
And the girlies....
What a fun night!

We headed back to Mobile on New Years Day....but not before the girls helped Gigi make some biscuits!!
They are gonna be pros soon :)