Monday, January 7, 2013

Community Group Christmas Party

Gotta love community group Christmas parties.....especially the yummo appetizers and dips.....
And adult eggnog :)
And the sweets did not disappoint....

The kiddo table :)

After we ate WAY too much....we drew for teams and had a gingerbread house decorating contest!

The Black/Bergoon Team....the daddy looks slightly confused, no?
The Hamilton/Moltrie Team...
The Thompson/Gannon Team....

And the Kennedy/Parks Team....
We work SO well together....haha :)
The girls helped out a tooooooon....taste-testing the icing...over and over and over again.... :)

The perfectionists' group working hard ;)
Looking good....
Hey! Wait a that some of the treats from the dessert table that you guys are using for props!!?! SOOOOO against the rules!

Some of the NON-cheaters finishing up.... :)
The finished products....
And now time for the judges to make their decision.....
Wow....mickey mouse....that might just win them over....
Such a hard decision.....
Annnnnd the CHEATERS win!! Boo. :)

Mobile Christmas Parade!

We went downtown for the Mobile Christmas Parade for the first time EVER. I know, that is crazy! Of course the girlies were super excited. We went early to check out the festival at Cathedral Square. The girlies got to make some Christmas ornaments....

Look at the concentration of the daddy! :)
Gabbie decided to make a bracelet out of her candy cane ornament :)

Jocie's mouth was full of string cheese. Nice.
Getting to pet the policeman's horsie. So exciting :)

Anxiously waiting for the parade to start!

Here they come!

The Azalea Trail Maids. Gabbie was MESMERIZED by they "BUUUUUTIFUL" dresses, hats, and umbrellas. She immediately asked, "Mommy! Can you buy me a dress like that for my birthday?!?!??". Oh, of course. Sure. Absolutely. ;)
It was a tight squeeze for the Santa balloon under those Christmas lights....
Oh the moon pie man....such a sexy outfit :)
Some more classy.
Even more classy :)
One of the girls best friends from school is Peyton, the girl. That's literally what everyone calls her b/c there is a Payton, the boy as well. Peyton, the girl's mommy is the morning anchor for Fox 10 news. They had a float and Peyton, the girl, her mommy, and her sister were all on it. They girls went CRAZY when they saw her. It was SO cute!
Waving at Peyton, the girl :)

And there he is.....

One last pic in front of the Christmas Tree at Bienville Square!

Christmas Card Pics

All of the sudden it was like a couple of weeks before Christmas and I realized I needed some new pics for our Christmas card. Aunt Julia usually takes pics for us at Thanksgiving, but we didn't get to see her this year at Thanksgiving so I was kind of freaking out about getting some pics snapped. Then I remembered a friend that I have made this past year, Michelle, takes pics AND she lives here in I asked her if she could just take a few quick pics of us for our Christmas card. She was very willing to do so (THANK YOU!), however, it was nuts trying to find a time (since we were in major crunch time for needing the pics) where her, mine, and Shane schedules all worked together in a common fashion....SO, the ONLY time we could take a few pics was at 8am on a Thursday morning right before I took the girlies to school and it happened to be F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G. and slightly windy....I wasn't quite sure if she was going to be able to get anything decent....but all I really needed was ONE GOOD PIC for our Christmas card. WELL, as you can see, she did A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I'm pretty sure we actually took pics for a total of 8 minutes.....seriously! And they turned out so great! Thanks so much, Michelle!!!

Take a look.....


SO, at Municipal Park behind the Art Museum is this huge Bible. The girls INSISTED that Michelle took some pics of them "jumping up and down on the really big Bible"....not really sure why they wanted to to that so badly, but none-the-less, they enjoyed themselves greatly :)