Saturday, August 20, 2011

Splashpad in Mobile?? Who knew??

I've been longing for a splash pad in Mobile. The only one I knew about was the one over in Spanish Fort. That's a heck of a drive just to go to a splash pad. Well, ladies and gentlemen....introducing the Mobile splash pad!! A huge shout-out to Mrs. Charlene for telling me about this one! This past week she met me and the girls, along with several other friends and their kiddos to check it out. It was actually really cool and the kids all had a blast. The only draw back is there is no shade at all, so while the kids were splashing away the adults were sweatin it up :) Nonetheless, I will be going back again.

The HOT mamas :)
Camille bustin a sag :)
Waiting for the buckets to fill up and dump on them....

Don't think I didn't walk through this a few times too, just to cool my hot self off a bit :)
Waiting for the dump again....

Sweet Micah

They called this one "the jail". Hilarious.
Gabbie trying to get Camille into jail :)
SOOOO excited that there is a splash pad so close to our house! It will really be nice when it cools off about 10-15 degrees :)

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Katie S said...

I was wondering where this splash pad is. My husband and I just moved to Mobile from Oklahoma City and don't know much to do around here, and this looks like something fun to try with our daughter (she's almost 1). Thanks!